Project Summary Documents

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Public/Private Status
11 Apr 2011
41417 Belarus Belarus Environmental Infrastructure Facility Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Board Approved
31 Mar 2011
41538 Tajikistan Sugd - Energy Loss Reduction project Power and energy Public Repaying
30 Mar 2011
40752 Kyrgyz Republic Osh Water and Wastewater Rehabilitation Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Signed
25 Mar 2011
42716 Armenia AMBFF II Ext III Depository Credit (banks) Private Completed
21 Mar 2011
42202 Regional Graanul Invest Power and energy Private Repaying
18 Mar 2011
43499 Kazakhstan KazREFF: Kazakhstan Renewable Energy Financing Facility Power and energy Private Passed concept review, Pending final review
17 Mar 2011
42163 Turkey Turkey Eurasia Tunnel Transport Private Repaying
15 Mar 2011
42486 Russia Transcapitalbank Capital Increase Financial institutions Private Disbursing
15 Mar 2011
42488 Russia Transcapitalbank MSE Loan Financial institutions Private Completed
11 Mar 2011
41324 Kazakhstan Almaty LRT Municipal and environmental infrastructure Private Cancelled