Project Summary Documents

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Public/Private Status
01 Mar 2012
43825 Regional GTS Central Europe Information and Communication Technologies Private Complete
28 Feb 2012
43515 Poland Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. Equity Investment Depository Credit (banks) Private Completed
27 Feb 2012
41045 Bulgaria Energy Efficiency for Competitive Industry Financing Facility Financial institutions Private Board Approved
24 Feb 2012
42768 Montenegro Montenegro: Lastva - Pljevlja Transmission Line Power and energy Public Repaying
21 Feb 2012
43472 Serbia Subotica Water Upgrade project Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Signed
21 Feb 2012
42712 Russia Air Liquide Balakovo Manufacturing and Services Private Repaying
20 Feb 2012
43365 Russia Technopark Pulkovo Phase II Property and tourism Private Complete
15 Feb 2012
41356 Armenia Yerevan Metro Rehabilitation project Phase II Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Repaying
08 Feb 2012
42243 Romania Vimetco Power Power and energy Private Cancelled
08 Feb 2012
42988 Ukraine Novoazovskiy Wind Project Power and energy Private Repaying