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Cover of report showing portraits of people in middle income countries

Building on recent analytical work on the policies needed to sustain long-term economic growth, boost innovation and promote equality of opportunity, the report distils eight key facts about transitions from low-income to middle-income to high-income status (middle-income transitions).

Girl in traditional dress

Learn about people’s views on change in the transition region and how their lives have been affected by the global economic crisis and its aftermath.

Take a look back at how the EBRD has  invested and worked sustainably across sectors since its inception.
Central Asian man looking at camera

Browse the findings from the largest poll of its kind to assess life satisfaction, the role of corruption and the gender divide in our region of operations.

Brochures and magazines

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Learn about our green financing and how our Green Economy Transition (GET) approach puts environmental sustainability at the heart of our investments.

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Read about how EBRD investments, technical assistance and policy dialogue are helping to transform the southern and eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) region.

EBRD in central asia

(2018). Central Asia – a region of rich cultural diversity, heritage and ancient traditions – is also one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world.

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Explore how EBRD’s legal team helps to establish laws, regulations and institutions that support the development of a predictable investment climate in the countries where we work.

Technical publications

Country diagnostics are an EBRD tool to identify the main obstacles to entrepreneurship, private sector development and to help shape the Bank’s strategic priorities and project selection in new country strategies.
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Browse our series of guides that cover wide-ranging topics such as civil society,  financing, sound business standards, and gender considerations in projects.
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Learn about the economic and social issues facing the countries where we work through this series of working papers prepared by the Office of the Chief Economist.

Essays and Glossaries

Born in 89 graffiti

Learn about the experiences of 24 young writers from the East, born in the wake of the fall of the Iron Curtain and brought up in a period of upheaval and change.

Eastern Europe house interior

Read personal reflections on the historic changes that have taken place in the EBRD region from 15 prominent writers and essayists.

Glossary English/Russian cover

Learn the correct terminology to facilitate communication between English- and Russian-speaking international business and legal communities.


Institutional Documents

Flags from different countries

Read documentation about the EBRD’s founding, including the rules, procedures and the agreement establishing the Bank.


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Learn about the procedures to implement the political aspects of the EBRD’s mandate.
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Discover how environmental and social dimensions of sustainable development underlie all of the EBRD’s activities.
The Access to Information Policy sets out the EBRD’s commitment to transparency and disclosure based on the principles of Transparency, Accountability, Good Governance and Client Responsibility to Affected Stakeholders

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