Coronavirus financing package

We now anticipate committing all our activity in 2020/2021 to countering the economic impact of coronavirus.

Such financial support should be worth €21 billion.

We are also preparing our regions for the post-virus era and helping them safeguard everything they have achieved in recent decades.

And, more than ever before, we will be providing governments with the policy advice they need.

Work with us

We offer a wide range of financial instruments and other services, including business advice for SMEs, and take a flexible approach to structuring our products.

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EBRD 2020 Annual Meeting

07 - 08 Oct 2020, London, UK


The EBRD 2020 Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors and Election of the President will be held virtually on 7-8 October.

Our Governors will also be asked to approve our strategy for the next five years.

Our key work and priorities

Coronavirus pandemic

We're targetting coronavirus financing of €21 billion in 2020-21.

Transforming Chernobyl

We have managed the financing of work to safeguard and transform the Chernobyl site.

EBRD Literature Prize

The winner of the 2020 prize was Devilspel by Grigory Kanovich.

Economic inclusion

Economic inclusion is integral to achieving a transition towards sustainable market economies.

Road safety

We are working harder than ever to make roads safe for all. 


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The Southern and Eastern Mediterranean

This is the latest region in which we work to boost economic change. 


Infrastructure spurs growth, creates jobs and enhances an economy’s competitiveness.


Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

We are already deeply engaged in many economies along the BRI.

Local currency and capital markets

We support local currencies and promote the development of capital markets.


Refugee crisis response

We’re helping Jordan and Turkey cope with the influx of millions of refugees.


Climate finance

We're scaling up what we do in the field of green finance.

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