ACTIVE FILTERS: Small business

EBRD and EU support small businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Rama Glas is a small business we’ve supported in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Enhancing SME competitiveness with loans and incentives

The EBRD’s first projects in the West Bank and Gaza
Three female engineers working on the EBRD’s spent fuel storage

We’ve invested US$ 15 million to reach over 200 SMEs via partner banks

EBRD and EU support Serbian small businesses with Banca Intesa Belgrade
EBRD partners with Banca Intesa Beograd to support women-led SMEs in Serbia

€16.5 million financing to help improve SME competitiveness and support women entrepreneurs

EBRD lends €40 million to Erste Bank to support SMEs in Serbia
Erste Bank

Lender to increase financing for small firms

How to be a successful young entrepreneur

EBRD guide to essential life hacks

EBRD and EU supporting innovative businesses in Bulgaria, Latvia and Romania

Up to 200 SMEs to benefit from EU’s Horizon 2020 programme

From a Soviet sewing factory to Kazakh haute couture

Almaty is famous for young fashion houses that set trends for the whole of Central Asia

A new day, a new start for small businesses in Tajikistan
The success of a company such as Agrotechservice has a direct positive impact on the local population, since it provides new opportunities for jobs.

EBRD and donors support Agrotechservice with finance and know-how

EBRD and donors support small businesses in Tajikistan

Finance and advice help Agrotechservice grow