EBRD Annual Meeting 2015: Gender in Business
EBRD Annual Meeting 2015: Driving Change: Gender-Responsive Practices in Business

“Driving Change: Gender-Responsive Practices in Business”

EBRD and Bai Tushum Bank boost financing to Kyrgyz businesses

BTB will be able to lend larger amounts for longer tenors thanks to a risk-sharing facility with the EBRD.

EBRD shareholders approve plans to bolster support for Bank’s regions

EBRD will help to re-energise the transition agenda

EBRD Annual Meeting 2015: Company Stories

“The (R)evolutionary Road: Company Stories Made Real”

EBRD economies split between eurozone boost and harsh wind of Russian recession

US monetary tightening to cast shadow from next year

EBRD and Georgia sign initial agreement to work on first wind park

EBRD Managing Director and Minister of Energy of Georgia sign mandate letter for Gori WPP during EBRD Annual Meeting in Tbilisi

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