IPAM Policies, Guidance and Publications

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IPAM operates according to the rules set out in the 2019 Project Accountability Policy (PAP) and its associated Guidance on Case Handling.

The Policy and Guidance explain to all stakeholders on what they can expect when they engage with IPAM.  The Policy and Guidance describe:

  • IPAM's mandate, guiding principles, structure and governance
  • Who can submit a request, and what information is helpful to include in a Request, if available
  • The steps IPAM will take in reviewing concerns raised
  • The timelines in which IPAM commits to completing different phases to address a concern

IPAM's Policy and Guidance are available below:

IPAM Project Accountability Policy IPAM Guidance Note on Case Handling
Arabic/عربى Arabic/عربى
Armenian/հայերեն Armenian/հայերեն
Bosnian/Bosanski Bosnian/Bosanski
Bulgarian/български Bulgarian/български
Croatian/Hrvatski Croatian/Hrvatski
English English
Georgian/ქართული Georgian/ქართული
Romanian/Română Romanian/Română
Russian/русский Russian/русский
Serbian/Српски Serbian/Српски
Turkish/Türk Turkish/Türk
Ukrainian/українська Ukrainian/українська


EBRD Policies that IPAM reviews

IPAM has the ability to review the Bank's compliance with two EBRD governance policies: the Environmental and Social Policy and the Access to Information Policy.  These policies are available at the links below.



Annual Reports

IPAM produces a report every year summarising the activities it has undertaken during that period.  Each report describes how the Mechanism has cases; contributed to good international practice in the accountability sphere; and promoted awareness of its mandate through outreach, training and knowledge-sharing activities.  All annual reports are available below:

Previous editions of EBRD accountability policies

Earlier versions of the EBRD's accountability policy were used to review cases handled before July 2020.  These historic policies, no longer in effect, are available below for information.

PCM Rules of Procedure 2014

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PCM Rules of Procedure 2009

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