Azerbaijan: Wind Measurement Campaign to Develop Renewable Energy Projects



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Sustainable Resources and Climate Change

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Consultancy Services

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Invitation for expressions of interest (CSU)

Issue date:

25 Feb 2020

Closing date:

07 Apr 2020   at  23:59   London

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Single Stage Open Competitive Selection – Request for Proposals

Project Description:

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the EBRD or the Bank) is currently providing technical assistance to the Azerbaijan Ministry of Energy and other energy stakeholders of the country for the development of an Action Plan for Power Grid Strengthening to support Renewable Projects as well as assistance to design and launch Renewable Energy Auctions. As part of the Auction preparation, the Ministry of Energy has requested the Bank to provide assistance for the implementation of a wind measurement campaign for Area 7 which is estimated to have the potential to accommodate more than 100 MW of wind power capacity. Area 7 consists of around 875 ha and is located at Qaradagh settlement south of Baku. Therefore, the EBRD is preparing to engage a Consultant who will design, implement and carry out the necessary bankable 12 month wind measurement campaign for Area 7.

Assignment Description:
The main purpose of the assignment is to perform a one year Wind Measurement Campaign at the Area 7 of Azerbaijan in line with international best practices and in full compliance with the relevant International Standards of IEC and MEASNET guidelines so that the results will be considered bankable by international financing institutions.

The main objectives are:

  • To review the current situation and prevailing conditions at the Area 7 and develop a detailed plan for the implementation of the wind measurement campaign;
  • To design, procure and install the necessary measurement instruments and auxiliary infrastructure;
  • To ensure the appropriate calibration of the instruments as per the relevant IEC and MEASNET standards and guidelines and carry out full 12 consecutive months wind measurement campaign;
  • To prepare detailed Wind Resource Analysis reports in both hard copy and electronic forms at a level sufficient for the performance of detailed energy yield assessment studies to be carried out by potential wind farm developers at the Area 7;
  • To provide on the job training to 5 officials of the Ministry in the organisation and implementation of Wind Measurement programmes;
  • To carry out preliminary energy yield calculations based on indicative wind turbine types and layouts.

Full Terms of Reference (TOR) of the Assignment can be found here .

Consultant Selection Procedure: Single stage open competitive selection. Interested firms or groups of firms are invited to submit a Technical and Financial Proposal.

Assignment Start Date and Duration: The Assignment is expected to start in April 2020 and has an estimated overall duration of 18 months.

Cost Estimate for the Assignment: EUR 150,000 (exclusive of VAT).

Subject to the project needs, the availability of funding, and the performance of the Consultant the Assignment may be extended beyond the current scope.

Funding Source: This assignment will be funded by the Turkey Donor Fund Account.

Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions based on the consultant's country of origin.

Consultant Profile: Corporate services are required. The Consultant selected for this assignment will be a firm or a group of firms (in which case only the leading firm will be contracted) with previous experience in the following areas:
A) Technical expertise in design and implementation of wind measurement campaigns in complex sites;
B) Technical expertise in wind measurement data analysis and calculation of energy production estimates of wind power generation projects;
C) Technical expertise in wind power generation projects analysis;
D) Preferably, experience in the country and the region for power and RE projects.

The Consultant's expert team is expected to include the following key experts (the 'Key Experts'):

  • Team Leader will be an engineer with at least 10 years professional experience in the development, planning and operation of wind power generation plants;
  • A senior Wind Measurement Expert with minimum 10 or more years of specific experience in the design, planning and execution of bankable wind measurement campaigns;
  • A senior Wind Data Analysis Expert with minimum 10 years of experience in the analysis of wind data;
  • Other wind energy engineers and experts with experience and knowledge of local conditions and regulations in Azerbaijan.

In addition, the Consultant team should also include other necessary international and local experts, such as engineers, project financial experts and environmental experts with minimum 5 years experience in the technical and profitability analysis of similar transmission systems.

Only CVs of the Key Experts will be evaluated as part of the technical proposal.

All experts must be independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities accorded to them.
Submission Requirements: The consultants are now invited to submit a completed Technical and Financial Proposal as per the standard templates and instructions available at:
Interested Consultants should make themselves familiar with these Standard Templates, Standard Instructions and Conditions of Contract in preparation of their proposals.
The Technical Proposal shall be submitted in English electronically via eSelection not later than the Closing Date, as one single PDF file. The technical proposal should not exceed 25 pages excluding the Declaration Form and CVs (Form 1- TP 1 and Form 1 – TP 6).
The Financial Proposal (Form 2 – FP 1 and FP2) shall be submitted in English separately by email only to the following e-mail address: Please indicate the Project number and title in the subject of your e-mail. Consultants are reminded of the requirement to ensure the confidentiality of the Financial Proposals. Consultants are reminded of the requirement to ensure the confidentiality of the Financial Proposals.
A Technical Proposal that contains elements of a financial proposal shall be declared non-responsive.
A Financial Proposal submitted together with the technical proposals via e Selection shall be declared non-responsive.
For the avoidance of doubt, technical proposals should be sent through eSelection and NOT to the above email address. Financial proposals should be sent to the above email address and NOT through eSelection or Bank Contact Person.
Bank Contact Person:
Larissa Gosling
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
One Exchange Square
London EC2A 2JN
Deadline to Submit Clarification Questions: Via e-mail to the Bank Contact Person by 6 March 2020.
Selection Method and Evaluation Criteria:

1. Technical Proposal Evaluation Criteria
(a) Consultant’s previous project experience in similar assignments (30%)
(b) Experience in Azerbaijan and/or the Caucasus Region (10%)
(c) Quality of the methodology proposed for the Assignment (30 %)
(d) CVs of the Key Experts (30 %).
The minimum technical score (St) required to pass is 70.

2. Opening of Financial Proposals

After the technical evaluation is completed, only the submissions which score 70 or above of the total marks available for the technical criteria will be eligible to have their financial proposals opened.

3. Combined Technical and Financial Evaluation

The lowest evaluated Financial Proposal (Fm) is given the maximum financial score (Sf) of 100. The formula for determining the financial scores (Sf) of all other Proposals is calculated as follows:

Sf = 100 x Fm/ F, in which “Sf” is the financial score, “Fm” is the lowest evaluated Financial Proposal, and “F” the price of the Proposal under consideration.

Proposals are then ranked according to their combined technical (St) and financial (Sf) scores using the weights (T = 80; F = 20) T + F = 100 as follows: S = St x T% + Sf x F%.

Important Notes:
1. The proposal validity period is 120 days from the deadline date for the receipt of submissions. During this period, the Consultant shall maintain its original Proposal without any change, including the availability of the Experts, the proposed rates and the total price.

2. The selection will be made from the Proposals received in response to this notification only, on the basis of the submission requirements and selection criteria set out in this Procurement Notice. The highest-ranked Consultant will be selected and invited to negotiate the contract.

3. Any updates of and clarifications on this procurement notice shall be announced as updates on this notice, without any other notification. In the event of changes consultants will need to download the updated versions. Consultants are required to periodically check the notice for updates. Failure to take the updates into account while preparing the Proposal may result in disqualification or penalties to the scores in the evaluation.