Tbilisi Solid Waste Project: Tbilisi Municipal Solid Waste Strategy

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Business sector:

Municipal and environmental infrastructure

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Contract type:

Consultancy Services

Notice type:

Request for proposals

Issue date:

16 Jan 2019

Closing date:

01 Mar 2019   at  16:00   Local time

Single Stage Open Competitive Selection – Request for Proposals

Tbilisi Solid Waste Project: Tbilisi Municipal Solid Waste Strategy

This is an update of the original notice:

The Consultants shall note that the public opening of technical proposals will take place at the address specified in the RFP. The Consultants wishing to attend shall notify the Client in advance due to security arrangements at the Client’s premises.


Executing Agency (Client):

Tbilisi City Municipality

Shartava Str. #7

0160, Tbilisi, Georgia


The Client Contact Person:

Nana Aghlemashvili

Tbilisi City Municipality                                                                      

E-mail: nanuka.aghlemashvili@gmail.com


Project Description:

Municipality of Tbilisi City (the “City” or the “Municipality”) approached the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (the “EBRD” or the “Bank”) to seek assistance to improve its municipal solid waste (“MSW”) management system. The Project comprises of renewing the solid waste collection fleet; upgrading of the existing solid waste transfer station and improvement of the leachate system at the solid waste landfill of Tbilisi (the “Project”). The Project is financed through a loan of up to EUR 15 million from EBRD.

Assignment Description:

The Client now intends to select and contract a consulting company (the Consultant) to the Assignment, on the basis of the Consultancy Request for Proposal (RFP) in attachment: Request for Proposal

The general objective of this assignment is to formulate a Strategy on municipal solid waste (MSW) prevention, waste separation at the source and collection, recycling and recovery activities for the City.

The specific objectives of the assignment are to:

  1. Review and update existing information on the prevailing waste management system in Tbilisi (including waste generators, MSW quantities and composition, collection systems in place, legal and institutional aspects etc.);
  2. Update a forecast on future MSW quantities and composition;
  3. Provide reasonable waste prevention activities and a strategy for waste recycling on a scenario basis;
  4. Assess the impacts of waste prevention and recycling in terms of environmental, and social impacts alongside to be defined indicators;
  5. Assess the needed infrastructure for the implementation of waste prevention, waste separation at the source, collection and recycling;
  6. Provide information on incentive systems and financing options;
  7. Provide a detailed economic feasibility of waste prevention, waste separation at the source, collection and recycling activities including a medium and long-term investment plan;
  8. Provide an Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy including monitoring.

Consultant Selection Procedure: Single stage open competitive selection

Interested firms or groups of firms are invited to submit a Technical and Financial Proposal.

Assignment Start Date and Duration: The Assignment is expected to start in Q1 2019 and has an estimated overall duration of 20 months.

Cost Estimate for the Assignment: EUR 500,000 (exclusive of VAT).

Funding Source: It is anticipated that the contract will be financed by EU-funded Municipal Project Support Facility (EU “MPSF”). Selection and contracting is subject to the availability of funding.

Eligibility:  There are no eligibility restrictions based on the consultant's country of origin.

Submission Requirements: In order to determine the capability and experience of Consultants seeking to be selected, the consultant shall submit a Proposal in accordance with the RFP.

Important Notes:

1. The selection will normally be made from the Proposals received in response to this notification only, on the basis of the selection criteria set out in the RFP. The highest-ranked Consultant will be selected and be invited to negotiate the contract, subject to availability of funding.

2. Any updates of and clarifications on this procurement notice and/or the RFP shall be announced as updates on this notice, without any other notification. In the event of changes to the RFP, consultants will need to download the updated version of the RFP. Consultants are required to periodically check the notice for updates. Failure to take the updates into account while preparing the Proposal may result in disqualification or penalties to the scores in the evaluation.