Environmental and social sustainability

Sustainability Awards

Sustainability is a big part of what we do – and we help our clients make it a big part of what they do too.

The annual EBRD Sustainability Awards celebrate the achievements of our clients in promoting environmental and social responsibility. For the past 10 years we have been proud to recognise those who demonstrate excellence and commitment to managing environmental and social issues, promoting energy efficiency or combating climate change.

Each year, we present our awards in four categories:

  • Sustainable Energy
  • Climate Resilience
  • Environmental and Social Best Practice     
  • Environmental and Social Innovation

The Awards take place each year at our Sustainability Event as part of the Bank’s Annual Meeting and Business Forum. This year, the 2018 Awards are taking place in Jordan – find out more.

The judging process

Nominations are received from teams across the Bank and are judged by an independent panel against a number of criteria, including:

  • Standards and best practice:  Has the client implemented higher standards, introduced best practice, or gone beyond the Bank’s Performance Requirements to deliver energy savings or similar?
  • Innovation: Has the client introduced new or unique practices, products, or services with significant E&S benefits within the sector/region/country?
  • Demonstration effect: Has the client introduced technologies, practices or management techniques with significant demonstration effect and with the potential for replication?
  • Capacity building: Has the client made changes or improvements to the management culture or working practices which promote better understanding and management of key environmental and social issues?

2018 winners

After receiving a record 55 nominations, 14 projects were selected for gold, silver and bronze awards across the four categories.

Sustainable Energy

This year’s winner of the gold award in this category is Enfaş Enerji Elektrik Üretimi A.Ş from Turkey. Enfaş is part of the Sütaş Group, the largest dairy group in Turkey, who created this innovative energy arm of their business to use the Group’s waste and by-products such as dairy waste, cow manure and waste water treatment sludge, to produce renewable energy.  They have already expanded the Group’s biogas power production and capacity and established an organic fertiliser production facility.

Silver: Risha Solar PV Power
Bronze: GrCF Banja Luka District Heating

Climate Resilience

The gold award winner in this category is presented to the Royaume du Maroc, Ministère de l'Agriculture, de la Pêche Maritime, du Développement Rural et des Eaux et Forêts for the Saïss Water Conservation Project in Morocco. This project pioneers the shift away from the use of highly unsustainable groundwater through the transfer of an average of 100 million m3 of surface water from the M’Dez dam to the Saïss plain, bringing clean, safe and sustainable water to some 350,000 people and agricultural producers in the area, enhancing their capacity to cope with climate change more effectively. This project has multiple benefits, improving the climate resilience of agricultural systems and the ability to monitor the aquifer, manage and strictly control water extraction, as well as enhancing climate resilience awareness.

Silver: Tajikistan Climate Resilience Financing Facility
Bronze (joint winners): Enguri HPP Climate Resilience Upgrade and GrCF Varna Climate Resilience Infrastructure Project

Environmental and Social Best Practice

Our gold award winner for this category is Egyptian National Railways (ENR) for their commitment to and pioneering work in addressing gender issues as part of their operations, including a campaign to improve safety for women and prevent sexual harassment on public transport. Over 86 per cent of Egyptian women report having experienced sexual harassment on public transport and, as a central mode of transportation, ENR has a key role to play in combating this problem. Improved safety on both trains and platforms will help increase women’s access to transport services which are essential for them to access jobs and economic opportunities. Key elements of this project include awareness-raising for customers, capacity building for staff, and a strong demonstration effect allowing for the project to be replicated both in Egypt and throughout the SEMED region.

Silver: Shymkent WWT Essential Modernization
Bronze (joint winners): Fayoum Wastewater Expansion Programme and Dundee Precious Metals Equity (f. Project Sofia)

Environmental and Social Innovation

The gold award winner is the Lithuanian Public Investment Development Agency (VIPA) who is supporting apartment building management associations to refurbish existing buildings and implement energy efficiency improvements and renovations. The agency was set up by the Lithuanian government to promote financial instruments for energy efficiency and public infrastructure sectors. No other project, with such a structure and scale and dedicated to refurbishing existing buildings, has been implemented before in any of the economies where the EBRD invests.  

Silver: Sisecam Resource Efficiency, Glass Recycling and Energy Efficiency, Glass Recycling Equity
Bronze: Nibulon Grain Infrastructure

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