Socially responsible investments

The EBRD issues Environmental Sustainability Bonds (green bonds) in accordance with the Green Bond Principles (“GBP”).

Focus on Environment Presentation

  • EBRD Green Bond Framework
  • Selection Process
  • Reporting (use of proceeds and expected impact)
  • Mapping of the EBRD Green Bond Framework and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Impact reporting methodological references
  • Use of proceeds language in bond documentation

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Sustainability Report

  • EBRD's overall sustainability approach and impact reporting
  • EBRD's Environmental Sustainability Bonds and impact reporting

2018 Sustainability report

2019 Environmental and Social Policy

Green Bonds Principles (GBP)

The EBRD's Environmental Sustainability Bonds (green bonds) are issued in accordance with the Green Bond Principles ("GBP").

ICMA Green Bond Principles (GBP)

GBP Market Information Template

EBRD Social Bonds

  • EBRD Microfinance Bond and Health Bond Frameworks
  • Selection Process
  • Reporting
  • Use of proceeds language in bond documentation

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FAQ-EBRD Environmental Sustainability BondsCenter for International Climate and Environmental Research on EBRD's Green BondPress Release- EBRD issues US$ 650m 3-year Global in Green Bond format

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