Romania overview

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In Romania we focus on:

  • Sustainable infrastructure and regional development;
  • Productivity by helping private companies expand and improve workforce skills;
  • Financial intermediation and further development of capital markets.

As well as being a country where the EBRD works, Romania is also an EBRD donor. In 2015 Romania became a donor to the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership Fund, contributing €40,000 for projects in Moldova.

The EBRD’s latest Romania strategy was adopted on 23 April 2020

Romania's policy response to the coronavirus crisis

The EBRD is monitoring Romania's policy response to the coronavirus pandemic. Our biweekly publication identifies the major channels of disruption as well as selected impact and response indicators.

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Current EBRD forecast for Romania’s Real GDP Growth in 2020 -4.0%

Current EBRD forecast for Romania’s Real GDP Growth in 2021 4.0%

The Romanian economy continued growing at a robust rate in 2019, at 4.1 per cent, driven by a strong expansion of private consumption on the back of pro-cyclical fiscal policy, including public salary and pension hikes. As a result, the fiscal deficit increased, reaching 4.6 per cent of GDP in 2019, but general government debt remained moderate, at 35 per cent of GDP as of end-2019. In 2020, we forecast a contraction of 4.0 per cent, assuming the epidemic significantly slowing down from the second quarter, with all containment measures removed.

Romania in the EBRD’s 2019-20 Transition Report

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