Gavin Anderson

Executive Counsellor, Banking


Gavin Anderson is Executive Counsellor at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. 
He is a member of the Senior Management Team and is engaged in the approval of the Bank’s investments, and in strategic, policy and risk management issues.
Gavin Anderson joined the EBRD in 1992 and as Director, Operations Policy and Product Development until 2001, was responsible for advising on Bank-wide operational policy.  He was also responsible in 2001 for supervising the Bank's Group for Small Business. From 2002-2006 he was Business Group Director for Infrastructure, responsible for the Bank’s activities in the Transport and Municipal sectors.
Gavin Anderson worked from 1985-1992 with the British merchant bank Schroders, developing and implementing private infrastructure financing and privatisation in the UK and South East Asia.
A UK national, he began his career with the British Foreign Office working on international economic and political affairs.