Evaluating the EBRD's work

Evaluation overview

The independent Evaluation Department evaluates the performance of the Bank’s completed projects and programmes relative to objectives.

It systematically analyses the results of both individual projects and wider themes defined in the Bank’s policies.

The core objective of evaluation is to contribute to the Bank’s legitimacy, relevance and to superior institutional performance. To achieve its core objective, the Evaluation Department fulfills two primary functions:

  • It provides a critical instrument of accountability through objective, evidence based performance assessment of outputs and outcomes relative to targets; and
  • It contributes to institutional learning for future operations by presenting operationally useful findings.

Unpacking Evaluation

EBRD Chief Evaluator Joseph Eichenberger joined CNBC Africa's Beyond Markets to discuss evaluation at Multilateral Development Institutions.

With his colleagues from the African Development Bank, the World Bank Group and the Inter-American Bank, Joseph discusses the purpose of evaluation in multilateral development institutions and best practice.

This programme was produced by CNBC.