TVE biomovies short film competition opens with EBRD support

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Do you leave your house with all the lights still on? How about leaving the shower running while you wash your hair? Forget to throw an empty fizzy drink can into the recycling bin? Many of us are guilty of such behaviour but we can change! Reducing waste and using natural resources efficiently are something we can all do and both are at the heart of many of our projects at the EBRD.

We’re focussing on resource sustainability in the tve biomovies short film competition. Now in its fourth year tve biomovies 2013 invites proposals for short films on a variety of environment-related themes. Shortlisted finalists will receive a US$300 budget to produce a finished one-minute film, and the overall winner in each category will receive US$1500.

Rapid growth in demand, unpredictable prices and growing environmental concerns have made resource efficiency an international priority. For the EBRD, it means reducing waste in manufacturing processes, recycling and using materials with a lower environmental impact. That’s why we launched our Sustainable Resource Initiative, which promotes efficiency and innovation in three vital areas: energy, water and materials.

What does resource efficiency mean to you? Films in EBRD category will address either or both of these questions:

  • What can we all do to cut waste?
  • How can we reuse what is now wasted?

Fancy yourself the next Walt Disney, or are you more of a Steven Spielberg type? It doesn’t matter- your films can be animated or live-action, funny or serious, whatever you want. All you need to enter the competition is a great idea and access to a camera or a computer, like some of last year’s winners.

There are five categories in the competition, each looking at different aspects of the environment. The EBRD’s category is open to all citizens of our member countries. If you don’t live in one of these countries you can still enter any of the other categories

Visit to find out more and submit an entry before 30 August 2013.

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