EBRD economic research and data

Economics plays a vital role within the EBRD. Both the Office of the Chief Economist (OCE) and Economics, Policy and Governance (EPG) publish a number of regular reports.

Transition Report

The Transition Report is published annually in November. It reviews economic and structural reform developments in the region and zooms in on a particular topic.

Regional Economic Prospects and macroeconomic analysis

Regional Economic Prospects is a regular publication reviewing the latest economic developments in the region and summarizing economic growth forecasts. The EBRD also produces other economic data and analysis.

Special Reports

From time to time, the EBRD publishes special reports. Recent examples include:


The economic research programme focused on policy topics relevant to EBRD countries of operation or to EBRD operations comprises a number of large surveys:

Working papers

The research programme also encompasses rigorous impact assessments as well as other empirical and applied theoretical research. In addition to the Transition Reports, Regional Economic Prospects, special reports and survey reports, research output is disseminated via the Working Paper series.

Research partners

The EBRD collaborates with think tanks, research centres, universities and international financial institutions, both inside and outside the transition region.