EBRD structure and management

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EBRD headquarters London
EBRD London headquarters

Shareholders and the Board of Governors

The EBRD is owned by 71 countries, the European Union and the European Investment Bank. Each shareholder is represented individually on the Board of Governors of the EBRD which has overall authority over the Bank and is responsible for approving its overall strategic direction.

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Directors of the EBRD

The Board of Governors delegates most powers to the Board of Directors, which is responsible for approving the EBRD's country, sector and thematic strategies, policies and operations

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EBRD President

The EBRD's President is Odile Renaud-Basso. The President manages the work of the Bank under the guidance of the Board of Directors.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees all key aspects of the strategy, performance and financial soundness of the Bank.

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Senior leadership group

Our senior leadership group covers every aspect of the EBRD's business and advises the Executive Committee and President.

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Corporate governance

The EBRD is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. Throughout the Bank, responsibilities and related controls are defined and delineated, and we are also actively engaged in promoting better corporate governance at a client and country level.

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Chief Accountability Officer

Victoria Márquez-Mees is the first Chief Accountability Officer of the EBRD’s Independent Project Accountability Mechanism. The role reports to the Board of Directors.

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Organisational Chart of the EBRD

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