District Outdoor lighting System Modernization and Trust Management

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PPP arrangement

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Project goods, works and services

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Other notices for contracts not funded by EBRD

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10 Nov 2017

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22 Nov 2017   at  17:00   Local Time


Request for expression of interest

Private financial initiative within Iskeldi district Outdoor Lighting System Modernization and Trust Management Public-Private Partnership Project


State Institution “Department of Energy, Housing and Utility Services under the Akimat of Almaty Oblast” hereby notifies about the request for expression of interest in the above-mentioned project in accordance with sub-clause 2, clause 138 of the Rules for Planning and Implementation of Public-Private Partnership Projects dated November 25, 2015, No. 725 (hereinafter - the Rules), in order to involve business entities, financial and other organizations in the planning and to enhance the transparency of the public-private partnership projects.


Expected activities under the Project:

- lighting of streets inIskeldi district within the scope agreed by the parties to the PPP Agreement (Modernization and operation of street lighting in Iskeldi district, introduction of an intelligent street lighting system SmartCity and a street lighting hardware-software complex, exclusive rights to an intelligent lighting system (copyright state registration certificate);

- taking inventory and audit of street lighting;

- introduction of an intelligent system to manage municipal street lighting of every lighting point;

- establishment of a dispatch center for street lighting management (situational centre);

- equipment dismantling and installation;


Estimated project cost: KZT 361 066 144. The state support in the form of compensation for investment costs and operating costs was sought for the project.


Estimated scope of work:

- replacement of 1,716 street lighting fixtures;

- installation of lighting control cabinets with an intelligent control system for 1,716 lighting fixtures (about 10 pcs.);

- establishment of a dispatch center for street lighting management (situational centre).

Key parameters of lamps:

- light source - light-emitting diodes;

- supply voltage - 220 ± 10%;

- power factor – min. 0.9;

- lamp case - aluminum alloy;

- protection degree – min. IP 65;

- color temperature - 4000 K;

- LED service life – min. 50,000 hours;

- non-instrumental access to the driver’s compartment;

- lamp working temperature - from -500С <Ta <500С;

- lamp efficiency – min. 145 Lm/W.

            Requirements for a private partner to supply the proposed outdoor lighting equipment:

- at least a 25-year experience in the development and production of LED technology;

- a full-cycle production, namely:

  • development, designing of LED lamps
  • manufacture of lamp cases
  • production of light-emitting diodes
  • drivers (power supply unit)
  • matrix for light-emitting diodes
  • over-voltage surge protector 10K
  • luminous flux diffusing lenses


Requirements for a private partner to introduce an intelligent outdoor lighting control system:

- exclusive rights to the intelligent lighting system (copyright state registration certificate);

- remote control, control of outdoor lighting modes and monitoring of connected lamps;

- maintenance of uninterrupted work based on the set algorithms of the lighting system in case of communication failure;

- display of the operational state of outdoor lighting on a monitor screen, both for each lamp and for a group of lamps;

- collection of information and statistics of power consumption;

- self-diagnosis and protection of equipment installed inside;

- local connection of a computer to make adjustments to the software and to perform diagnostics of the equipment;

- management of the lighting system (switching on/off, changing the lighting intensity of lamps depending on the time of day) in the regular mode should be provided automatically without the intervention of the operator and the maintenance staff based on the pre-programmed work algorithms;

- software must maintain event logs, all data must be stored in log files and have archives by time of operation, lighting intensity, power consumption, faults, malfunctions and errors.


Potential private partners interested in the implementation of the planned PPP Project can submit alternative proposals on the planned project.


Specifications of alternative proposals submitted by other potential private partners should be equal to or higher than those specified in this notice.

Alternative proposals should have the following information:

  1. Name and address of a potential private partner;
  2. Country of origin (for legal entities), nationality (for individuals);
  3. Information about managers or owners of legal entities and individuals representing a potential private partner;
  4. Documents confirming the property rights or long-term leasehold in respect of the facility or exclusive rights to intellectual property belonging to a potential private partner in accordance with clause 137 of the Rules (copyright state registration certificate);
  5. Concept and draft of a public-private partnership agreement in accordance with the Rules for Planning and Implementation of Public-Private Partnership Projects dated November 25, 2015, No. 725.


Proposal submission deadline: November 22, 2017.


If you are interested in the project, please use the following contacts for more information:

Tel.: 8 (7282) 32-97-39

e-mail: alm.obl.eng@mail.ru

Address: Taldykorgan, 26 Kabanbay batyr Str., office 502, 507.

Authorized representative - Dauletkhan Damir

All details are provided at the following link: http://kzppp.kz/archives/6126


In addition, you can consult or obtain information on other PPP Projects being implemented in the territory of Almaty Oblast at State Institution “Department of Economics and Budget Planning under the Akimat of Almaty Oblast” by calling the following telephone number: 8 (7282) 24-74-21

e-mail: economika_invest@mail.ru

Address: Taldykorgan, 38 Tauelsizdik Str.

Authorized representative - Salimbayev Asylan Sabirzhanovich