EBRD Donors

EBRD donor partnerships

Donor governments and partners make a vital contribution to the EBRD’s work by providing funds that act as a catalyst for our investments and support our other activities in countries from central Europe to central Asia and, most recently, the southern and eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) region.

Donors are particularly active in those parts of the EBRD region facing the biggest obstacles to recovery and growth and in the infrastructure, sustainable energy and small business sectors.

Watch this animation and come along on an animated journey to learn more about our past achievements and future challenges. From Morocco to Mongolia, from Egypt to Estonia – our EBRD donors provide funds that support common activities and act as a catalyst for investments.

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To help improve the lives of people in the countries where the EBRD invests, donors offer a range of funding instruments through many different channels.

Donor funding directly supports EBRD investments in various ways. It complements our investments by topping up our loans. For example, in the municipal and environmental infrastructure (MEI) sector it allows suppliers to improve the quality of their services while keeping costs affordable for the general population.

It also underpins our investments with technical cooperation activities such as feasibility studies, project preparation or stakeholder participation programmes. These activities are all short-term assignments undertaken by expert consultants.

Donors also finance activities that improve the performance of market economies but are not directly linked to investment, such as supporting legislative and market reforms, policy dialogue or business advice.

Donor support thus adds value to the EBRD’s work by making some investments possible altogether and by deepening its impact in the region and making it more sustainable.

In 2015 bilateral donors and multilateral funds provided almost €358.6 million in financing for technical cooperation, grant investments, risk-sharing facilities, performance fees and concessional financing.