Evaluating the EBRD's work

Annual evaluation review


The Evaluation Department’s latest Annual Evaluation Review presents an assessment of the Bank’s completed operations and findings from evaluations conducted during 2015. It includes:

  • A performance assessment of the EBRD's mature operations from an ex-post evaluation perspective, based on a mix of in-depth evaluations and self-evaluations validated by the Evaluation Department (EvD), in fulfilment of its accountability function;
  • Main findings from 2015 evaluation studies as EvD’s principal contribution to learning;
  • An in-depth study of cross-cutting topics including: the quality at entry of country strategies; evaluating gender elements
  • A quality check of EBRD self-evaluation including an assessment of the gap between ratings produced by them on the one hand, and EvD evaluations on the other; and
  • A review of EvD’s performance, challenges and accomplishments.