EBRD Business Forum 2017 for the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Region

  • 14 Nov 2017
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • EBRD, Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation in Egypt
SEMED Business Forum | 14 November 2017 | Cairo, Egypt

The EBRD is organising its second Business Forum for the southern and eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) region: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and the West Bank and Gaza. The theme will be “Investing for Sustainable Growth”.

The Forum will take place at the Conrad Hotel in Cairo on 14 November 2017, and has been organised in close cooperation with the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation in Egypt.

This one-day event will bring together key policy-makers, government officials, investors and prominent business people to discuss the business outlook in the region, and to consider the obstacles impeding increased foreign investment.  

EBRD President Suma Chakrabarti will open the Forum. This will be followed by a discussion with the five EBRD governors from the SEMED countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia) and a representative of the West Bank and Gaza. This session will be dedicated to investment opportunities and economic prospects for the region and will prepare the ground for a series of expert discussions on the challenges and potential of four specific economic sectors: sustainable energy, agribusiness, infrastructure and industry.

The Forum will provide ample opportunity for participants to network and learn more about EBRD activities across the region, including trade finance and small business support.

We look forward to seeing you in Cairo in November.

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The SEMED region is at the forefront of the revolution that has made renewable energy the fastest growing segment of the power sector in recent years. Rapidly falling prices, growing electricity demand and outstanding wind and solar resources mean that the SEMED countries have the opportunity, which they are increasingly seizing, to meet their energy needs with a clean, reliable and affordable source of power. A panel of leading policy-makers and investors will discuss these developments and look ahead to the scale of the opportunity, as well as the potential for disruptive technologies such as storage and smart grids.

The panel discussion will revolve around questions relating to sustainability within the food sector in the SEMED region. It will look at the competitiveness of local production versus imports, especially in areas where there is little or no government protection.  Do issues relating to sustainability and environmentally sound practices make good business sense?  To what degree does strengthening corporate governance matter in this context?  These and other questions will be considered. 

The SEMED countries face an acute challenge: To improve their existing infrastructure while simultaneously expanding it as populations grow. The policy-makers and practitioners on this panel will consider how transport and urban infrastructure can be made sustainable from an environmental and financial perspective. Panellists will also comment on the economic benefits that can be derived from more inclusive infrastructure, which addresses the needs of all potential users while reaching out to less developed regions.

Private firms of all sizes in the manufacturing and services sector are the source of economic growth and employment. Attracting equity and debt capital from local or foreign sources is a challenge in a global, competitive environment. In addition to financing, these sectors would also benefit from the Bank’s expertise in privatisations, project finance and energy efficiency. A panel of leading entrepreneurs from the region will focus on opportunities for domestic and export markets, as well their experience with the Bank.

Detailed schedule will be available shortly.

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