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Date Country Article Title Sector
15 Apr 2014 Regional How the EBRD helped modernise Brno’s wastewater services Transport
15 Apr 2014 Regional EBRD helps modernise Baltic freight handling Transport
28 Mar 2014 Kazakhstan EBRD finances rolling stock purchase by Kazakh rail company, Olzha Transport
26 Feb 2014 Turkey Akel Lojistik in Turkey gets 13 million lira EBRD loan Transport
04 Feb 2014 Regional Progress Report (2012-2013) of the MDB Working Group on Sustainable Transport Transport, Sustainability
19 Dec 2013 Kazakhstan Big energy efficiency improvements for Kazakh railways, KTZ Transport
19 Dec 2013 Kazakhstan Существенное повышение энергоэффективности на казахстанской железной дороге КТЖ Transport
16 Dec 2013 Turkey EBRD invests in Turkey’s first trans-shipment hub, AsyaPort Transport
16 Dec 2013 Croatia EBRD supports modernisation and restructuring of HZI Transport
29 Nov 2013 Slovak Republic EBRD acts as anchor investor in refinancing of R1 motorway Transport
30 Oct 2013 Poland EBRD supports PKP Cargo privatisation Transport
21 Oct 2013 Regional New EBRD transport strategy – raising environmental and social standards, boosting private sector role Transport
16 Oct 2013 Hungary EBRD finances contactless travel cards in Budapest Transport
26 Sep 2013 Turkey Turkey’s TAV Group Wins Sustainability Award Transport
24 Sep 2013 FYR Macedonia EBRD supports Macedonian air navigation Transport
02 Aug 2013 Turkey EBRD invests in Turkey’s first infrastructure bond Transport
30 Jul 2013 Kazakhstan Железнодорожный сектор Казахстана несется вперед на всех парах Transport
30 Jul 2013 Kazakhstan Full steam ahead for the Kazakh railway sector Transport
01 Jul 2013 Montenegro EBRD supporting modernisation of road infrastructure in Montenegro Transport
28 Jun 2013 Moldova Key roads in Moldova to be upgraded with €150 million loan facility from EBRD Transport
22 Apr 2013 Tajikistan New lights and safer runway for international airport in Khujand, Tajikistan Transport
10 Jan 2013 Moldova EBRD supports modernisation of port infrastructure in Moldova Transport
09 Jan 2013 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan upgrades the section of road from Europe to China Transport
03 Jan 2013 Lithuania EBRD invests in Lithuanian port’s future as major hub Transport
17 Dec 2012 Croatia More cruise ships will head to Port of Split in Croatia Transport

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