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Date Country Article Title Sector
20 Nov 2014 Poland EBRD steps up promotion of renewable energy in Poland Power and energy
10 Nov 2014 Jordan EBRD finances solar power plants in Jordan Power and energy
29 Oct 2014 Jordan Landmark Al Manakher power plant opened in Jordan Power and energy
15 Oct 2014 Kosovo EBRD’s first big investment in Kosovo power sector Power and energy
09 Oct 2014 Georgia Paravani Hydro Power Plant in Georgia opens Power and energy
26 Sep 2014 Jordan EBRD finances first solar power plant in Jordan Power and energy
02 Sep 2014 Tajikistan EBRD invests in hydropower in Tajikistan Power and energy
25 Jul 2014 Tajikistan ЕБРР утвердил свой крупнейший на сегодняшний день проект в Таджикистане Power and energy
25 Jul 2014 Tajikistan EBRD signs its largest project in Tajikistan to date Power and energy
23 Jul 2014 Mongolia EBRD’s Mongolia wind farm project wins US Treasury Award Power and energy
15 Jul 2014 Kazakhstan EBRD expresses interest in Kyzylorda electricity distribution project Power and energy
04 Jul 2014 Romania Romania’s Electrica starts trading in Bucharest and London Power and energy
24 Jun 2014 Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia EBRD and OME join forces to increase energy investment in the Mediterranean region Power and energy
06 Jun 2014 Georgia EBRD to finance the expansion of compressed natural gas facilities in Georgia Power and energy
04 Jun 2014 Romania EBRD invests in Topolog-Dorobantu wind farm in Romania’s south east Power and energy
15 May 2014 Regional EBRD Annual Meeting 2014: Energy Transition Annual Meeting, Power and energy
10 Apr 2014 Poland EBRD exits Polish energy company ENEA Power and energy
01 Apr 2014 Montenegro EBRD brings efficiency to Montenegrin energy sector Power and energy
27 Mar 2014 Romania EBRD finances its first solar energy project in Romania Power and energy
04 Mar 2014 Romania EBRD invests in Romanian sustainable energy market Power and energy
10 Feb 2014 Poland Putting wind into Poland’s renewables Power and energy
18 Dec 2013 FYR Macedonia Modernising FYR Macedonia’s electricity network Power and energy
16 Dec 2013 Poland EBRD supports phase I of Pawlowo wind farm in North West Poland Power and energy
05 Dec 2013 Russia EBRD in first Russian power distribution deal Power and energy
27 Nov 2013 Russia ЕБРР финансирует проект перевода ТЭС с угля на газ Power and energy

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