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Date Country Article Title Sector
10 Apr 2014 Poland EBRD exits Polish energy company ENEA Power and energy
01 Apr 2014 Montenegro EBRD brings efficiency to Montenegrin energy sector Power and energy
10 Feb 2014 Poland Putting wind into Poland’s renewables Power and energy
18 Dec 2013 FYR Macedonia Modernising FYR Macedonia’s electricity network Power and energy
16 Dec 2013 Poland EBRD supports phase I of Pawlowo wind farm in North West Poland Power and energy
05 Dec 2013 Russia EBRD in first Russian power distribution deal Power and energy
27 Nov 2013 Russia EBRD in Russian power sector coal-to-gas loan Power and energy
27 Nov 2013 Russia ЕБРР финансирует проект перевода ТЭС с угля на газ Power and energy
12 Nov 2013 Kazakhstan EBRD considers financing first major wind farm in Kazakhstan Power and energy
30 Oct 2013 Bosnia and Herzegovina EBRD finances expansion of hydro power generation in Bosnia and Herzegovina Power and energy
29 Oct 2013 Georgia EBRD finances the modernisation of energy infrastructure in Georgia Power and energy
16 Oct 2013 Ukraine EBRD resolves conflict between Ukrenergo and Ukrainian villagers Power and energy
07 Oct 2013 Poland EBRD co-finances expansion of PEPSA wind farms in Poland Power and energy
13 Sep 2013 Ukraine EBRD supports major wind park in Ukraine Power and energy
13 Sep 2013 Ukraine ЕБРР поддерживает проект крупного ветропарка в Украине Power and energy
26 Jul 2013 Ukraine EBRD helps Ecoprod generate power from biogas Power and energy
08 Jul 2013 Georgia EBRD helps restore Georgia’s Enguri Dam Power and energy
26 Jun 2013 Poland EBRD supports investments in the electricity distribution grid by Poland’s ENERGA Group Power and energy
20 Jun 2013 Mongolia Salkhit wind farm in Mongolia starts production; EBRD ready to double funding for wind Power and energy
28 May 2013 Turkey Bares wind farm helps solve energy riddle in Turkey Power and energy
23 May 2013 Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan Share gas, don’t flare it Energy efficiency and climate change, Natural resources, Power and energy, Sustainability
11 May 2013 Turkey EBRD gets biggest wind farm in Turkey rolling Power and energy, Annual Meeting
08 May 2013 Montenegro New transmission line for Montenegro Power and energy
25 Apr 2013 Ukraine ЕБРР расширяет портфель проектов в секторе возобновляемой энергетики в Украине Power and energy
25 Apr 2013 Ukraine EBRD boosts renewable energy sector portfolio in Ukraine Power and energy

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