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Date Country Article Title Sector
26 Sep 2014 Kazakhstan ЕБРР поддерживает современные технологии в нефтегазовом секторе Казахстана Natural resources
26 Sep 2014 Kazakhstan EBRD promotes modern technology in the Kazakh oil sector Natural resources
24 Sep 2014 Estonia €35 million loan to support Estonian oil shale company VKG Natural resources
27 Feb 2014 Azerbaijan ЕБРР финансирует дальнейшее освоение азербайджанского месторождения Шах-Дениз Natural resources
27 Feb 2014 Azerbaijan EBRD finances further development of Azeri offshore gas field Natural resources
16 Jan 2014 Egypt EBRD commits US $50 million to support responsible energy development in Egypt Natural resources
15 Jan 2014 Hungary EBRD and group of banks support the refinancing of Hungary’s strategic gas storage Natural resources
29 Nov 2013 Ukraine EBRD and IFC organise syndicate financing for Ukraine’s Galnaftogaz Natural resources
29 Nov 2013 Ukraine ЕБРР и МФК организовывают синдицированное финансирование для украинского предприятия «Концерн Галнафтогаз» Natural resources
14 Nov 2013 Romania EBRD sells its 1.6 per cent stake in Romania’s Petrom Natural resources
12 Nov 2013 Romania Romgaz floated on Bucharest and London stock exchanges Natural resources
26 Sep 2013 Russia EBRD backs Russian oil-field services company’s Eurobond Natural resources
28 May 2013 Kazakhstan EBRD hosts a workshop in Astana to discuss associated petroleum gas flaring utilisation Natural resources
23 May 2013 Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan Share gas, don’t flare it Energy efficiency and climate change, Natural resources, Power and energy, Sustainability
29 Apr 2013 Poland Poland’s power sector powers ahead Natural resources
22 Jan 2013 Belarus EBRD backs independent Belarus petrol station chain Natural resources
28 Nov 2012 Romania EBRD sells 20 per cent of its shares in Romania’s OMV Petrom S.A. Natural resources
24 Oct 2012 Regional EBRD: world’s major waste - flaring gas - could be turned into profit Natural resources
09 Oct 2012 Mongolia EBRD funds first privately owned copper mine in Mongolia Natural resources
03 Oct 2012 Poland EBRD is helping Poland open up to liquefied gas Natural resources
08 May 2012 Bulgaria EBRD and ADM Capital support Bulgaria’s Prista Oil Group Natural resources
08 Nov 2011 Regional EBRD, World Bank join forces to cut emissions from gas flaring in Russia and Central Asia Natural resources, Corporate information
05 Sep 2011 Ukraine EBRD, IFC arrange US$ 190 million for Galnaftogaz Natural resources
31 Aug 2011 Russia EBRD invests over 1.5 billion roubles in Russian gold mine Natural resources
23 Jun 2011 Poland EBRD finances major environmental upgrade at PKN ORLEN Natural resources

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