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Date Country Article Title Sector
04 Apr 2014 Moldova Gebauer & Griller opens new Moldovan plant co-financed by EBRD Manufacturing and Services
07 Feb 2014 Moldova EBRD pledges support for Moldova as country embarks on path towards reform Corporate information
07 Feb 2014 Moldova EBRD, EIB and EU finance improvements to water services in Moldova Municipal and environmental infrastructure
06 Feb 2014 Moldova EBRD joins Mobiasbancă in lending boost to Moldovan enterprises Financial institutions
06 Feb 2014 Moldova Historic EBRD and EIB trip to Moldova Corporate information
03 Feb 2014 Moldova EBRD and EIB Presidents to Moldova for first joint international visit Legal reform
30 Dec 2013 Moldova EBRD expands support for energy efficiency in Moldova Financial institutions
06 Dec 2013 Moldova EBRD invests €100 million in sustainable energy in Moldova Energy efficiency and climate change
03 Dec 2013 Moldova EBRD supports expansion of Austrian automotive cables manufacturer to Moldova Manufacturing and Services
22 Oct 2013 Armenia, Moldova, Georgia Восточное Партнерство: Армения, Грузия и Молдова присоединились к Восточноевропейскому партнерству по энергоэффективности и экологии Energy efficiency and climate change
22 Oct 2013 Georgia, Armenia, Moldova Eastern Partnership: Armenia, Georgia and Moldova join Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership Energy efficiency and climate change
08 Oct 2013 Moldova EBRD facilitates access to financial services for Moldovans Financial institutions
19 Sep 2013 Moldova EBRD strengthens support for Moldovan SMEs Lending to banks
23 Jul 2013 Moldova EBRD helps Moldova set up Economic Council Strategies and Policies
19 Jul 2013 Moldova Senior EBRD delegation to visit Moldova Corporate information
28 Jun 2013 Moldova Key roads in Moldova to be upgraded with €150 million loan facility from EBRD Transport
13 Jun 2013 Moldova EBRD is driving energy efficiency in Moldovan households Energy efficiency and climate change
21 May 2013 Moldova New boost for residential energy efficiency in Moldova Energy efficiency and climate change
10 Apr 2013 Moldova EBRD and Mobiasbanca help Moldovan businesses save energy and money Financial institutions
10 Jan 2013 Moldova EBRD supports modernisation of port infrastructure in Moldova Transport
20 Dec 2012 Moldova EBRD continues to finance residential energy efficiency projects in Moldova Financial institutions
11 Dec 2012 Moldova EBRD awards mark achievements in sustainable energy projects in Moldova Energy efficiency and climate change
05 Nov 2012 Moldova EBRD helps Montenegrin SMEs beat funding squeeze Non-bank financial institutions
02 Nov 2012 Moldova EBRD and Moldova-Agroindbank help Moldovan households and private businesses cut energy bills Energy efficiency and climate change
18 Oct 2012 Moldova EBRD funds new, modern trolleybuses in second city in Moldova Municipal and environmental infrastructure

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