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Date Country Article Title Sector
14 Nov 2014 Croatia EBRD hosting agribusiness conference in Dubrovnik Agribusiness
18 Sep 2014 Croatia EBRD adds muscle to new protein bar factory Agribusiness
10 Sep 2014 Croatia EBRD finances new buses for Sisak Transport
10 Sep 2014 Croatia Croatian enterprises to benefit from new EBRD funding Financial institutions
19 Aug 2014 Croatia EBRD boosts tourism in Croatia Property and tourism
07 Jul 2014 Croatia EBRD strengthens relationship with Podravka Agribusiness
07 Jul 2014 Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR Macedonia EBRD supports development of regional capital markets in Bulgaria, Croatia and FYR Macedonia Financial institutions
25 Jun 2014 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia EBRD assists with flood recovery in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia Financial institutions
20 Jun 2014 Croatia €20 million loan to Raiffeisen FACTORING Financial institutions
12 Jun 2014 Croatia EBRD remains shareholder in Agrokor Agribusiness
20 May 2014 Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia EBRD prepares response to Balkans floods Corporate information
14 May 2014 Regional, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Poland Recovery in central Europe and Baltic states affected by Russia-Ukraine crisis Economics
23 Apr 2014 Croatia EBRD joins private sector initiative to tackle youth unemployment in Croatia Corporate information
19 Mar 2014 Croatia EBRD promotes women’s entrepreneurship in Croatia Small Business Support
10 Mar 2014 Croatia EBRD finances Rijeka district heating Municipal and environmental infrastructure
24 Feb 2014 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania EBRD hosts Investing in the Western Balkans Forum Corporate information
10 Feb 2014 Croatia Erste Bank Croatia joins energy efficiency drive Financial institutions
24 Jan 2014 Croatia Croatian pipe wholesaler Vodoskok receives EBRD support Manufacturing and Services
16 Dec 2013 Croatia EBRD supports modernisation and restructuring of HZI Transport
21 Nov 2013 Croatia Croatia’s AFP wraps up €20 million EBRD loan Manufacturing and Services
14 Nov 2013 Croatia Improving liquidity of SME and corporate sector in Croatia Financial institutions
23 Oct 2013 Croatia, Regional EBRD strengthens drive for energy efficiency Energy efficiency and climate change
09 Oct 2013 Croatia Croatian food products win Geographical Indication status Agribusiness
24 Jul 2013 Croatia Energy efficiency investments to boost Podravka’s competitiveness Financial institutions
15 Jul 2013 Croatia Improving Rijeka’s water services Municipal and environmental infrastructure

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