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What we do in Information and Communication Technologies

This EBRD sector covers traditional fixed-line switched telephony services, principally voice-based, value-added services such as cellular mobile and data transmission, advanced services such as satellite phones and internet, entertainment, information technology and media services such as cable television, TV network distribution, and publishing. Traditionally, there has been a clear distinction between the various elements within the sector but with the global convergence within the information and communication technologies, consumer electronics and related industries, this is no longer the case.

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Did you know?

There is an acute shortage of communication facilities in many of EBRD's countries of operations.

Current focus and key challenges

  • promote network expansion and improve service quality
  • encourage innovative communication services;
  • accelerate the privatisation process;
  • develop appropriate regulatory and legal frameworks;
  • extend the development of the sector beyond basic telephone services.
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Connecting for business

We connect the region across the whole sector - from infrastructure to software, content, broadcasting and services.

Information and Communication Technologies

Key facts about our work in this sector

Number of projects
Projects since mid-2008
Net EBRD investment
€3.2 billion

Investments in Telecoms

Current projects by region

Sub-sector breakdown

Knowledge Economy Assessment of Tunisia

The EBRD is supporting Tunisia with the launch of a new study, “Knowledge Economy Assessment of Tunisia”, that seeks to boost innovation, create jobs and develop the role of the knowledge economy in the country. The study was produced by the consultancy firm Whiteshield Partners and funded by the EBRD’s Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Multi-Donor Account.

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Our Information and Communication Technologies strategy

Through its activities and investments in the Information and Communication Technologies sector (the “Sector"), the EBRD makes an important contribution to the transition process with the objective of establishing a fully liberalised, market-led, financially self-sufficient Sector.