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What we do in Natural resources

The natural resources sector is responsible for all oil, gas and mining activities covering production, transportation and refining to distribution. In particular, the team has been expanding into new areas, including environment, health and safety, energy efficiency, climate change and increasingly into gas storage for energy security.

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Did you know?

Russia and Turkmenistan hold the worlds estimated largest and third largest reserves of natural gas.

Current focus and key challenges

  • Promoting energy efficiency
  • Supporting sound natural resource management
  • Increasing nuclear safety
  • Promoting environmentally sustainable development
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Powering transition economies

Oil, gas, coal and the mining of precious and non-precious metals play a crucial role in the development of transition economies.

Natural Resources

Key facts about our work in this sector

Number of projects
Total project value
€14.8 billion
Net business volume
€3.0 billion

Investments in Natural resources

Current projects by region

Sub-sector breakdown

Our policies and strategies

Energy Sector Strategy

The Energy Sector Strategy (2013) will guide the Bank’s investments in the energy and natural resources sector for the next five years, until 2018. The Energy strategy sets the parameters for the Bank’s work in the energy sector and shapes and frames the Bank’s approach to investments in this sector. The Strategy was approved by the Board of Directors on 10 December 2013.

Mining Operations Policy (2012)

This document sets out the operational role of the Bank in the mining sector and establishes the overall framework for the Bank’s activities. This policy was approved by the Board of Directors in 2012 following the public consultation.
Mining Operations Policy