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What we do in Manufacturing and Services

The EBRD is the single biggest investor in the manufacturing and services sectors in central and eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States.  The Bank has played a major role in developing the sector by supporting local and foreign corporate clients as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with both debt and equity financing.

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Did you know?

EBRD financing in individual projects has ranged from less than €1 mill to more than €150 mill.

Current focus and key challenges

  • Supporting efficient investment, including capacity expansions, rationalisation and energy efficiency and environmental improvements
  • Promotion of and support for remaining privatisations
  • Development of local supply chains to increase efficient production 
  • Support for financing schemes that tackle the lack of capital in the sector 
  • Intensifying our policy dialogue efforts, bringing together investors, distributors, processors and retailers.

Building prosperity

The Manufacturing and Services sectors of the economy make up the largest share of GDP and employment in the EBRD region.

Manufacturing and services

Key facts about our work in this sector

Number of projects
Total project value
€ 30 billion
EBRD investment
€ 9.2 billion

Investments in M&S

Sub-sector breakdown

More information

Промышленность и услуги (542KB - PDF)

Industrie et Services (531KB - PDF)

Industrie und Dienstleistungen (581KB - PDF)

Imalat ve Hizmet Sektorü (534KB - PDF)

الصناعات والخدمات (528KB - PDF)

Highlights in 2013

To support economic diversification in its countries of operations, the EBRD invests in a broad spectrum of industries including in 2013: chemicals, automotive supply chains, non-ferrous metals processing, equipment-manufacturing, forestry products and pharmaceuticals.

In 2013, the M&S team signed 52 projects for a total commitment of approximately €900 million. Highlights included investments with international companies such as Draexlmaier in the automotive sector, Grupa Azoty in the chemical sector, Kronospan in the forestry sector, Danieli in the steel sector, as well as investments with local companies mainly in the Early Transition Countries - the Caucasus, Central Asia, Belarus and Moldova – where the Bank signed 22 projects and in the Western Balkans where the Bank signed 5 projects. The sectorial spread of projects with local companies was broad, with notable investments in furniture making, building materials and retail.

The EBRD is increasing its focus on supporting the development of the knowledge economy in its countries of operations and industry provides significant scope for innovation in the region. Examples include the EBRD’s investments in the Italian company Danieli in Croatia and Russia and with TürkTraktör in Turkey. The Bank also works to attract foreign direct investment to the EBRD region, improve corporate governance and provide local currency financing to limit client exposure to foreign exchange risk.

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