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What we do in financial institutions

Through bank loans, micro and small business lending programmes, equity investments and support for other financial services (such as insurance and leasing), the EBRD is engaged with various providers of financial services to develop the financial sector and foster entrepreneurship. The Bank has introduced innovative products, supported sector reform through privatisation, consolidation and restructuring and promoted local regulatory and legislative initiatives.

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Did you know?

In 2011, the EBRD signed projects with 124 clients in 24 countries in the financial sector.

Current focus and key challenges

  • Support development of financial systems in all countries of operations
  • Increase diversity of institutions and products and promote competition
  • Strengthen corporate governance
  • Support privatisation and restructuring
  • Promote lending to small and medium sized enterprises


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Building market economies

Financial institutions are vital for a market economy – they channel funds, promote savings, ease trade and establish acceptable standards.

Financial Institutions

Key facts about our work in this sector

Total cumulative commitments
€25 billion
Number of clients
Over 310 financial institutions
New investments in 2011
€2.9 billion
Current portfolio
€9.4 billion
Number of active projects
Over 700

Investments in financial institutions

Current projects by region

Current portfolio breakdown

Our financial institutions strategy
The recent financial institutions strategy sets out the general strategic and operational role of the Bank in this sector and establishes the overall framework for the Bank’s activities. Approved by the Board of Directors in October 2010, this is the fourth such policy.

Financial institutions strategy