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What we do in Equity Funds

Through the investments in our region, the EBRD has become the largest private equity funds investor with commitments of €3 billion to funds with capital of €15 billion as of December 2011.

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Our products

Our Private Equity Funds cover a wide spectrum of investment strategies, regional and country-specific funds and generalist and sector-specific funds.

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Did you know?

EBRD has been a catalyst in developing the asset class since 1992.

Current focus

  • Develop private equity in the region
  • Support first time funds
  • Promote high value added investment strategies
  • Share extensive in-house experience of equity sector and country issues with management and institutional investors.


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Developing private equity

The EBRD is the single largest investor in private equity funds mainly focusing on growth and expansion capital in central and south eastern Europe and the CIS.

Equity Funds

Key facts about our work in this sector

No. of funds since inception
No. underlying investments
Net IRR since inception
No. fund managers since inception
Exits from investments
Gross IRR since inception

    Equity Funds Portfolio By Region

    Industry breakdown of portfolio

    Our strategy

    Our strategy is part of the Financial Sector Operations Policy. This sets out the general strategic and operational role of the Bank in this sector and establishes the overall framework for the Bank’s activities. Approved by the Board of Directors on 6/7 July 1999, this is the third such policy.


    Financial Sector Operations Policy