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New TFP issuing bank in Kyrgyz Republic


TFP Event and Annual Award Ceremony 2014

Top students named at e-Learning Programme awards in Moscow 



Introduction to Trade Finance

E-Learning Graduation Ceremony 2014


Exclusive interview with Commerzbank’s Per Fischer in Trade Exchange


TFP Trade Finance Forum 2013

March 2014

New TFP issuing bank in Kyrgyz Republic

On 20 February 2014, an Issuing Bank Agreement was signed between the EBRD’s Trade Facilitation Programme and Bai Tushum Bank of Kyrgyz Republic. The agreement was signed by Mrs Larisa Manastirli, Head of Bishkek RO and Mrs Gulnara Shamsieva, CEO of Bai Tushum Bank.

Bai Tushum Bank thus became the fourth TFP active bank in the Kyrgyz Republic. Initially established as a microfinance organisation, Bai Tushum obtained a banking licence in 2012 and started taking up deposits and extending lending facilities to its predominantly SME clients in the same year.

Bai Tushum identified the growing customer demand for trade finance banking solutions at an early stage of its corporate finance banking activities and approached the EBRD with a request to help establish these operations by means of allocating a TFP limit and providing TC sponsored support.

Now, Bai Tushum has a TFP limit as well as a dedicated consultant providing custom-designed trade finance training to its personnel in Bishkek. The bank is also establishing correspondent relationships with confirming banks in Western Europe and identifying the first transactions to be routed via the EBRD’s TFP. According to the forecasts of both the bank’s management and its TFP consultant, the limit's first utilisation will take place in 2014.

“We are very happy to welcome Bai Tushum Bank to the Trade Facilitation Programme, which supports international trade by offering importers and exporters safer financial instruments,” said Larisa Manastirli. “The programme will also help Bai Tushum to develop its correspondent relationships with foreign banks and increase the range of services offered to its clientele, thus supporting its transformation into a fully-fledged bank.”

The other three TFP active banks in the Kyrgyz Republic are Demir Kyrgyz Investment Bank, Kyrgyz International Credit Bank and the Bank of Asia. The EBRD’s Trade Facilitiation Programme has been operating in Kyrgyz Republic since 2000, amassing 166 trade finance banking transactions for a total value of €32 million in that time.

February 2014

TFP Event and Annual Award Ceremony 2014

The EBRD's Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP) is inviting its members and everyone interested in the topic of international and intra-regional trade finance banking to attend the annual TFP event, which takes place as part of the EBRD 2014 Annual Meeting and Business Forum.

The event will offer the opportunity to review and discuss industry challenges with leading specialists, including regulators and lawyers. Amongst the topics to be presented are latest trade finance and economic development and consequent challenges for the trade finance market as well as experience of major confirming banks in financing foreign trade with EBRD Countries and co-financing under the EBRD TFP. The event will also feature the award ceremony for the Most Active EBRD TFP banks and Best Transactions of 2013.

The attendance of the TFP event is free and by invitation only for representatives of issuing and confirming banks under the TFP.

For the agenda of the TFP event please click here (117KB - PDF).

In case of any enquiries please contact TFPConference@ebrd.com

Young stars of trade finance shine bright

Top students named at e-Learning Programme awards in Moscow

More than 700 trade finance bankers from 148 banks in almost all countries of operations are trained under the EBRD’s Trade Finance Programme (TFP) e-Learning Programme sponsored by the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund and the EU Neighbourhood Investment Facility. The high achievers of the latest intake were recognised at the TFP e-Learning awards ceremony in Moscow on 11 February.

The fourth annual graduation ceremony for the EBRD’s TFP e-Learning Programme was held in Moscow on Tuesday as part of the Exporta 7th Annual Russia & Eurasia Trade & Export Finance Conference. Twelve EBRD countries of operations, including the newly joined Tunisia and Jordan, were attending the EBRD/ICC Graduation for the first time.

Thierry Senechal, Secretary of ICC Banking Commission Paris, awarded the certificates of achievement, along with the EBRD’s Rudolf Putz, Head of the TFP. Other special guests included Mr Per Fischer of Commerzbank; Ms Zuzana Franz from BHF Bank; Mr Andrey Ivanov of SBERBANK Russia; and Mr George Orlov of the EBRD’s FI team in Russia.

The top 25 students were:

Emilija Georgijevska, Komercijalna Banka Skopje
Nushik Mkrtchyan, ArmSwissBank
Ahmed Abdo, Jordan Ahli Bank
Lilit Tatunts, ArmSwissBank
Alexander Kovtun, Bank Saint Petersburg
Alaa Dababneh, Jordan Ahli Bank
Natasa Latinovska, Komercijalna Banka Skopje
Denys Stavropoltsev, Sberbank (Ukraine)
Hayk Muradyan, Armswissbank
Liliana Botorovschi, Moldindconbank
Olga Lemeshko, Bank Saint Petersburg
Natalia Nani, Moldindconbank
Daler Sadikov, Bank Eskhata
David Aghajanyan, Armswissbank
Tetiana Antsibor, Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Nataliia Mamchur, Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Yuliya Tsoy, Sberbank (Kazakhstan)
Elena Sidorova, Center-Invest Bank
Mohammad Allan, Cairo Amman Bank
Osama Bishara Haddad , Cairo Amman Bank
Natia Sonishvili, VTB Bank (Georgia)
Kristina Sochivko, Minsk Transit Bank
Mohamed Salah Abdel Raof, National Bank of Egypt
Shavkat Kalonov, Bank Eskhata
Sona Sahakyan, Armswissbank

There were many amazing prizes, including a two week on-the-job internship at Commerzbank in Germany; a one-week on-the-job training at Banca Popolare di Sondrio in Sondrio, Italy; a fully paid attendance to ICC Austria’s Trade Finance Week; consisting of access to the 9th Global Conference on Bank Guarantees, the 8th Global Conference on Letters of Credit as well as Case Studies on Letters of Credit; fully paid attendance at the ICC Banking Commission Meeting that will be taking place in November 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey; and scholarships for a one week trade finance training course at Joint Vienna Institute in May 2014 in Vienna as well as iPads provided by Coastline Solutions, EBRD’s technological partner.

This year’s ceremony was a landmark event for many reasons, said Rudolf Putz, not least of all for the amount of interest and sponsorship it attracted from the trade finance press, technology providers, partner confirming banks and institutions. “For the first time in the history of the programme we had the Italian Confirming Bank Banca Popolare di Sondrio as a sponsor for one of this year’s top students.” Rudolf also spoke enthusiastically of GTR/Exporta Group, the hosts of the event. “They always ensure our graduates are well looked after and have opportunities to meet who is who in the sector at well-produced trade finance conference.”

In addition, Rudolf acknowledged the support of various EBRD staff in making the event, and more broadly the TFP e-Learning Programme, such a success. “I would like to thank Gana Aleksic-Petersen and her team for their great support of our TFP e-Learning Programme,” he said. “It was originally Gana’s idea to complement our TFP advisory services projects and face-to-face training courses for TFP partner banks with an e-learning programme. Kamola Makhmudova, operation leader of the TFP e-Learning Programme, then developed this highly successful and popular project.”

The programme has garnered praise and admiration from banks and education institutions all over the world for its innovative ways of stimulating knowledge and bringing both developed and developing banks together. “The EBRD’s blended training programme is a great example how to embrace new technologies in education,” said Michael Bickers, Managing Partner of BCR Publications, who are a sponsor of the e-Learning Programme for 2013-14.

But it is the students, of course, that were the real stars of the event and they all seemed to get a great deal out of it, judging by some of the feedback received so far. The Olympic atmosphere and setting together with lots of snow seemed to be particularly enjoyable as was the opportunity to meet so many trade finance professionals in one place.

Gega Tofadze travelled to Moscow from Georgia and really enjoyed the ceremony. “The graduation was held perfectly, it could not be imagined better. The most important thing is that you give people the chance to connect with each other and make warm relationships between each other. Nothing can be compared to relationships,” said Gega, who is also a European Champion in karate and likened his success in the e-Learning Programme to winning a major sports competition.

Emilija Georgijevska Radovic, one of 2013’s top students, also praised the programme. “It’s a remarkable e-learning project which spreads knowledge in TF standards and rules and ensures equal understanding of the language of trade finance, like nothing else before it!”

Congratulations to all the award winners!

December 2013

Introduction to Trade Finance

The EBRD TFP has launched a new e-Learning module “Introduction to Trade Finance”.

The course covers two hours of comprehensive and structured online training on practical aspects of trade finance, and is designed to develop a basic understanding of trade finance principles covering topics such as:

- What is trade finance?

- How does it work and what are the risks involved?

- What are the advantages and who can benefit from trade finance?

For more information please click here http://ebrd.coastlinesolutions.com/ebrdsite/programme_introductiontradefinance.html

E-Learning Graduation Ceremony 2014

We are pleased to announce that this year’s e-Learning graduation ceremony will be taking place in Moscow on the 11 February 2014 at the Baltschug Kempinski Hotel during the Exporta 7th Annual Russia & Eurasia Trade & Export Finance Conference.

Special prizes will be given out to the best performers in various categories, and will include:

  • Two-week on-the-job internship at Commerzbank in Germany
  • One-week on-the-job training at Banca Popolare di Sondrio in Sondrio, Italy
  • One-week Trade Finance Seminar at BHF-Bank in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Fully paid attendance to ICC Austria’s Trade Finance Week; consisting of access to the 9th Global Conference on Bank Guarantees, the 8th Global Conference on Letters of Credit as well as Case Studies on Letters of Credit
  • Fully paid attendance at the ICC Banking Commission Meeting that will be taking place in November 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Scholarships for a one week trade finance training course at Joint Vienna Institute in May 2014 in Vienna

Additionally the list of award winners will be published on our websites and featured in our quarterly Trade Exchange magazine.

This will be a great opportunity to celebrate an achievement and be recognised as the best performer in the EBRD TFP e-Learning Programme. 

For more information about this event please contact TFP team.

For more information about Exporta 7th Annual Russia & Eurasia Trade & Export Finance Conference please click here.

September 2013

Exclusive interview with Commerzbank’s Per Fischer in Trade Exchange

Our seventh issue of Trade Exchange is now available. Among many others, a highlight of this issue is our new series of profiles – Close Up – where we chat to a leader in trade finance about their life and career.  We hope these profiles will inspire young professionals to pursue a rewarding career in the trade finance sector.

The first interview is with Per Fischer, Head of Financial Institutions at Commerzbank in charge of Central and Eastern Europe, CIS and Baltics. He came to London especially to speak with us and we are delighted to be the first to exclusively profile his impressive career. 

As well as a written profile in Trade Exchange (you can find it on page 22), we had a lot of fun filming a video interview with Per Fischer to accompany the article, which you can see here:



Many thanks to Per Fischer and his team at Commerzbank for being part of our very first Close Up feature.  Who will be next? Find out in the next issue of Trade Exchange in 2014!

July 2013

TFP Trade Finance Forum 2013

The Trade Facilitation Programme will be hosting the annual TFP Trade Finance Forum 2013 in London, UK on 26-27 September.

Over the past few years the Forum has been a great success and developed into a trade finance specialist hub which fosters cooperation among international trade finance banking professionals, through information sharing and direct communication.

The forum features sessions covering international trade and finance issues and provides an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues and business partners, explore co-operation potential, and share the views on contemporary trade finance banking.

For further information please contact TFP conference team at TFPConference@ebrd.com.

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