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What we provide

The principal forms of direct financing that may be provided by the EBRD are loans, equity and guarantees.

Loans are tailored to meet the particular requirements of a project. The credit risk may be taken entirely by the Bank or partly syndicated to the market.
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Equity investments may be undertaken in a variety of forms. When the EBRD takes an equity stake, it expects an appropriate return on its investment and will only take a minority position.
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Guarantees are also provided by the Bank to help borrowers gain access to financing.
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Assistance through financial intermediaries
One of the EBRD’s key aims is to support the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which are crucial to nurturing a private sector economy. To do this, we may make equity and loan financing available to SMEs through a range of intermediaries throughout our countries of operations.

These intermediaries include banks in which the EBRD has an equity stake or with which it has signed a loan, and investment or venture capital funds in which the EBRD has made an investment.
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The EBRD may also provide direct financing and support for SMEs through a number of loan and equity facilities.

Last updated 12 May 2010


Our interactive adviser will indicate whether your business or project meets key criteria for receiving EBRD assistance.

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