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Investor information

Financial results

Full year-end results are available in the Financial Statements
Все итоги года размещены в разделе Финансовый отчет

Interim reports


Q1 (121KB - PDF) Q2 (216KB - PDF)

Промежуточный финансовый отчет

Q1 (226KB - PDF) Q2 (648KB - PDF)


Q1 (152KB - PDF) Q2 (160KB - PDF) Q3 (93KB - PDF) Q4 (18KB - PDF)

Промежуточный финансовый отчет

Q1 (264KB - PDF) Q2 (251KB - PDF) Q3 (167KB - PDF) Q4 (145KB - PDF)


Q1 (389KB - PDF) Q2 (83KB - PDF) Q3 (83KB - PDF) Q4 (301KB - PDF)

Промежуточный финансовый отчет

Q1 (556KB - PDF) Q2 (162KB - PDF) Q3 (159KB - PDF) Q4 (362KB - PDF)

An archive of Annual Reports and Financial Statements is also available in English and Russian.

Credit ratings

The EBRD's very strong capital position, prudent financial management, ample liquidity and strong shareholder support underpin the EBRD’s AAA/Aaa/AAA (stable) credit rating.

Fitch Press Release 9 December 2013
Moody's Press Release 8 December 2012
Standard & Poor's Press Release 15 September 2014

Standard & Poor's Credit Research Report 20 December 2013
Moody's Credit Research Report 22 July 2014
Fitch Credit Update 21 December 2012
Fitch Full Rating Report 4 February 2014
Standard & Poor's - Supranationals Special Edition 2011
Japan Credit Rating Agency Press Release

GMTN programme

The EBRD issues the great majority of its bonds under its GMTN Programme. This Programme was established in 1992 as a shelf documentation vehicle to facilitate the issuance of EBRD debt instruments in a timely and efficient manner. The documentation is fully flexible and provides for a wide variety of new issuance currencies and structures, including bonds linked to equities and commodities. While there is a named group of dealers, the Programme is open to any regulated market counterparty able to provide an attractive financing structure to the Bank.

The Offering Circular for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development EUR 35,000,000,000 Global Medium Term Note Programme (GMTN Programme) is provided for general information purposes only and is directed only to licensed financial intermediaries. It does not constitute an offer or invitation by or on behalf of the EBRD to any person to subscribe for or to purchase any securities that may be issued under the GMTN Programme.

The Offering Circular (528KB - PDF)

Investor presentations

The EBRD has established a reputation as a flexible issuer providing debt products that suit the individual needs of investors. The Bank's funding activities in the capital markets therefore combine a strategic focus, with innovation, and the EBRD's strong credit to make EBRD's bonds today's investment of choice.

Presentation (English): Investment of choice (1MB - PDF)

Presentation (French): Un investissement de choix (2MB - PDF)

Presentation (Japanese): 投資機会のご紹介 (3MB - PDF)

Investor fact sheet (Japanese) (欧州復興開発銀行) (983KB - PDF)


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