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Current focus and key challenges

The growth of the property and hotel sector in the EBRD’s region of operations is being held back by a lack of liquidity and a scarcity of large property companies and equity funds.

The EBRD seeks to address these issues by:

  • supporting projects that promote private sector investment through equity and loan financing
  • creating long-term investment instruments and other new products for local and foreign investors
  • attracting co-financing through various forms of financing tailored to specific parts of the property market and each country’s progress in transition.

Fostering economic transition

The EBRD fosters economic transition in its countries of operations by:

  • participating with local and international investors in sector-specific investment funds and credit lines aimed at helping SMEs
  • financing projects that involve the development of new technology, job skills and management expertise in areas critical to economic development – for example, warehousing and logistics management in the advanced transition countries and hotel management in the early and intermediate transition countries.

Encouraging institutional development and industrial best practice

The EBRD encourages the development of institutions and best practice by:

  • supporting projects that promote good practice in the local construction and building materials industries
  • helping to develop legal frameworks for recognising private property ownership and registration
  • financing environmentally sustainable projects, such as the reclamation and redevelopment of “brownfield” sites and the regeneration of deprived areas.

Last updated 26 April 2010