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What we do in Nuclear safety

The EBRD manages six nuclear safety funds on behalf of the European Union and 29 donor governments: the Nuclear Safety Account (NSA), the Chernobyl Shelter Fund (CSF), three international decommissioning support funds (IDSFs) and the Nuclear Window of the Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership (NDEP).

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The new safe confinement which will enclose Chernobyl will weigh almost 30 000 tonnes

Nuclear Safety Funds

Cooperation on nuclear safety between the West and eastern Europe began in the early 1990s following the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Initially, it focused on lessons learned from the 1986 Chernobyl accident which had revealed serious design flaws in Soviet-built nuclear power plants of the first generation as well as inefficient management and regulatory structures. At their 1992 summit in Munich, the G-7 heads of state and government committed to support the countries of central and eastern Europe which operate Soviet-designed nuclear power plants with the objective to improve safety until conditions for early closure had been met. This initiative led to the establishment of the Nuclear Safety Account at the EBRD.

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An environmentally safe region

By addressing potential risks and hazards posed by obsolete nuclear sites, machinery and military equipment we make the region safe.

Nuclear safety

Fund management

The EBRD is manager of six multinational nuclear safety funds.

    Structure of key relationships


    Nuclear safety factsheet

    This factsheet provides a background on the sector.