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Mining operations policy

This document sets out the operational role of the Bank in the mining sector and establishes the overall framework for the Bank’s activities. This policy was approved by the Board of Directors in 2012 following the public consultation. 
Report on the Invitation to the Public to Comment (216KB - PDF).

Mining is a chief contributor to economic growth and social development in a number of EBRD’s countries of operations (COOs) that are resource-rich, such as Russia, Ukraine, and Mongolia, with local communities often benefiting significantly from mining activities.

The potential benefits of resource dependence are contingent on whether mining and the associated revenues are developed and managed responsibly over time.  Past experience shows that the extraction of mineral resources may have negative economic, environmental and social consequences, as it can result in increased macroeconomic volatility, reduced incentives to invest in physical and human capital, and weaken institutions and governance.  Poor environmental and social management of mining projects can have significant long lasting effects on resources, biodiversity and local communities. At the same time, however, endowment with natural resources can represent major opportunities to improve economic conditions of the COOs and to contribute to regional development.

Over the last two decades there have been major improvements in the global understanding of how mining operations can be run more responsibly and with more attention to sustainability issues.  Best practices in addressing environmental, health, safety and social (EHS&S) issues have made significant advances and continue to evolve. Good governance, stable and constructive institutional relations and good economic management have also been recognized as key issues to be addressed by responsible companies.  In particular, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) has become the global standard for transparency and reporting in extractive industries and mining.

The EBRD Mining Operations Policy takes stock of these developments in the sector, identifies the remaining transition challenges in the COOs and sets out the Bank’s operational response, as well as EBRD’s approach to environmental, health, safety and social issues.  The Mining Operations Policy clarifies the rationale for the Bank’s continued involvement in the sector and reaffirms the importance of mining in fostering transition.  As such, the cornerstones of the Mining Operations Policy are:  

Full policy (520KB - PDF) Russian version (1MB - PDF)
Approved October 2012

Last updated 25 October 2012