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Financial Law Unit

The Financial Law Unit within the Legal Transition Team is a specific, dedicated Unit focusing on products (debt and equity), and institutions (regulator, financial institutions, courts, registries, etc) needed for an efficient financial and corporate sector.

The work of the Unit encompasses the areas of corporate governance, insolvency, secured transactions and securities markets, but also engages in work on interdisciplinary themes and projects. By taking a wider view of the legal framework supporting the financial and corporate sector, the Unit provides an integrated platform for legal reform at all stages of transition, as well as for cutting-edge research on law and economics in this area. 


Starting with the Secured Transactions Project in 1992, the Legal Transition Programme (LTP) has always had a strong focus on issues affecting access to credit and finance in the EBRD region. The further work of LTP on banking, corporate governance, insolvency, and securities markets has solidified its expertise in law reform affecting all stages of the financial life cycle in countries at all levels of transition. The onset of the global financial crisis in 2008 exposed a need for a more integrated approach to law reform in these areas, with a focus on implementation issues and distressed debt.

The EBRD’s unique position as an investor in its countries of operations enables the Financial Law Unit to leverage the Bank’s experience as a market participant to support comprehensive reform work across disciplines, sectors, and institutions.

Today, the Financial Law Unit works to support the Bank’s mission by contributing to international standard-setting initiatives, monitoring and assessing the status of financial laws in EBRD countries of operations, engaging in technical cooperation activities with local authorities, and producing research and publications to support the understanding of financial law and legal reform in transition economies.  

Themes include:


Frederique Dahan
Lead Counsel and Head of Financial Law Unit
Legal Transition Programme
+44 (0)20 7338 6050
+44 (0)20 7338 6150

Last updated 4 August 2010