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Legal developments and events

Legal transition developments

Recent legal developments in transition countries (1MB - PDF)

A summary of legal developments that have occurred in the EBRD's countries of operations, during the period  January  - June 2014. Compiled by the EBRD's Office of the General Counsel.

UNCITRAL panel discussions at the UN - July 2014

UNCITRAL conducted panel discussions on "Sharing States' national practices in strengthening the rule of law through access to justice".  EBRD has developed a joint initiative with UNCITRAL to promote reform of procurement laws in CIS countries. EBRD presented a survey of transition countries' administrative review systems in public procurement and a review of the use of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Public Procurement as a tool to promote transparency and accountability in transition countries.

EBRD Annual Meeting 2014: eProcurement - "are you ready for eProcurement?"

A panel at the 2014 EBRD Annual Meeting and Business Forum explored the latest best practice in creating public procurement policies, with a focus on the use of eProcurement tools, on recent success stories and on the impact that international organisations can have in this area.

EBRD Annual Meeting - launch of Law in transition 2014

The bank launched the latest edition of its legal journal at the meeting.This issue of the journal; Enforcing court decisions: evolving law and practice focuses on the EBRD’s work in studying the regulation and operation of enforcement agents in the countries where it invests. The journal also highlights the assessment work and technical assistance projects of the EBRD and other international organisations in this area. It also contains in-depth analysis of underlying causes of problems affecting enforcement agents, how these problems interrelate, and how they might be addressed.

Regional roundtable on judicial training in SEE

In November the EBRD conducted a regional roundtable on commercial law judicial training, the event was co-hosted by the Bulgarian National Institute of Justice (NIJ), and brought together representatives from judicial training centres (JTCs) from across south-eastern Europe. The purpose was to examine the priorities for training in commercial law and explore possibilities for regional cooperation, as well as the contribution the Bank can make in this regard. Some 120 judges were trained in five two-day seminars, and a further 80 underwent an e-learning module.

The project was designed to be a prototype which could, with appropriate modifications, be easily adapted for other countries.  Aside from a productive discussion on substantive matters, the event afforded a good opportunity to strengthen contacts and relationships, both among JTCs from the region and between the Bank and the JTCs

Conference on Secured Lending

On 4-5 November the EBRD hosted a conference to examine the issues surrounding secured lending in commercial transactions in order to further contribute to reform efforts and disseminate best practices. The conference, that featured expert speakers and was well attended, allowed for discussions around well-known mechanisms, such as warehouse receipts, factoring and financial collateral and how they can serve and support economic growth and encourage cross-border transactions. 

Law in transition Online launched in Vienna

Public procurement reform dominates the current edition of Law in transition Online, which was launched in Vienna on 23 October at an event that formed part of a World Trade Organisation regional workshop on government procurement.

The latest EBRD research presented in LiT Online looks at how governments from Ukraine to Morocco are working to improve their public procurement policies to achieve the best value for money, while also meeting their considerable infrastructure needs.

Joint EBRD-UNCITRAL workshop on Public Procurement

On 8-10 July, a workshop was organised and hosted by the EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative, a partnership established to improve Public Procurement laws and practices in the EBRD region. To achieve this aim, the EBRD teamed up with UNCITRAL and other partners (the World Bank, ADB, the European Commission, the OSCE and the OECD’s Anti-Corruption Network) to help CIS countries and Mongolia to enhance their procurement regulation.

The workshop was specifically tailored to the needs of three Central Asian governments (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan). It aimed at reviewing and discussing draft legislation on procurement by the Kyrgyz Ministry of Finance. It also served as a platform to discuss procurement reform plans in Tajikistan related to the GPA accession process with relevant government regulatory officials and new reform concepts with a delegation from Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Finance.

read more about the EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative

Commercial Law reform conference, Tajikistan

On the 18-19 June 2013 the EBRD sponsored a commercial law reform conference in Khorog, capital of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO) of Tajikistan. The conference was attended delegates from around the country, including the Governor of the GBAO, representatives of the central government, the Director of the Judicial Training Centre, leading judges, bankers and lawyers. The conference discussed how the remote nature of the region has an impact on the local business environment, a number of practical remedies were put forward and the EBRD was able to offer assistance on legal points. In addition the Bank presented an update on the progress of the EBRD Commercial Law Judicial Capacity Building Project.

All conference materials, in Russian and Tajik, will be published on the websites of the Judicial Training Centre and the provincial government of the GBAO.

Astana Economic Forum, Roundtable on corporate governance

The EBRD participated in a roundtable on corporate governance during the Economic Forum that took place in Astana between 21-24 May 2013. The roundtable, entitled 'Modern World Trends of Corporate Governance and current practice' gave the EBRD the opportunity to share views on corporate governance and discuss the major issues affecting the corporate governance framework in Kazakhstan. It is hoped that this discussion will act as as a catalyst to allow for the  introduction of amendments and supplements to the legislation of Kazakhstan and the adoption of best practice of corporate governance in the activity of Kazakhstani companies.




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