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Corporate governance assessment 2007

The corporate governance sector assessment is part of the EBRD's efforts to promote good corporate governance in the Bank's countries of operations. As an international institution with the mandate to assist the countries whose economies are in transition, the EBRD views the promotion of good corporate governance as essential to its work. Read more about the Bank's role:

Corporate governance in EBRD banking operations (199KB - PDF) 
(Law in transition, Spring 2006)

The role of the EBRD in promoting sound corporate governance (122KB - PDF)
(Law in transition, Autumn 1999) 

The project represents an important initiative of the EBRD to better understand legal developments in countries of operations by gauging the status of their corporate governance-related laws and regulations. Through this project, the EBRD aims to encourage, influence and provide guidance to governments, policy-makers and all those in charge of promoting new legislation for the development of corporate governance-related legal reform in the region.

To analyse relevant information in each country, the EBRD devised a checklist with lists of questions covering key corporate governance issues. Using the EBRD corporate governance checklist specific country assessments were carried out by local law firms in the EBRD region. This project was internally funded.

EBRD corporate governance checklist (152KB - PDF)


Albania (348KB - PDF) Armenia (270KB - PDF)
Azerbaijan (292KB - PDF) Belarus (257KB - PDF)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (341KB - PDF) Bosnia and Herzegovina (Federation) (301KB - PDF)
Bulgaria (456KB - PDF) Croatia (355KB - PDF)
Czech Republic (390KB - PDF) Estonia (294KB - PDF)
FYR Macedonia (365KB - PDF) Georgia (367KB - PDF)
Hungary (288KB - PDF) Kazakhstan (428KB - PDF)
Kyrgyz Republic (299KB - PDF) Latvia (333KB - PDF)
Lithuania (366KB - PDF) Moldova (304KB - PDF)
Mongolia (323KB - PDF) Montenegro (280KB - PDF)
Poland (420KB - PDF) Romania (212KB - PDF)
Russian Federation (466KB - PDF) Serbia (291KB - PDF)
Slovak Republic (389KB - PDF) Slovenia (341KB - PDF)
Tajikistan (429KB - PDF) Turkey (619KB - PDF)
Turkmenistan (202KB - PDF) Ukraine (353KB - PDF)
Uzbekistan (428KB - PDF)  

Information on previous corporate governance assessments:

Report on the 2004 Assessment Results (230KB - PDF)
Report on the 2003 Assessment Results (230KB - PDF)

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