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Country Law Assessments

Country Law Assessments provide a means of judging the progress made by a single country in making its commercial laws internationally acceptable. They draw on more than a decade of the Bank's experience in tracking legal transition across central and eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Each assessment evaluates core commercial laws using international standards as a benchmark. For example, the corporate governance laws are assessed relative to the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and pledge laws are assessed against the EBRD Model Law on Secured Transactions. A feature of each assessment is that it takes a hard look at how laws actually work in practice, drawing on the views of local lawyers working in private practice.

The Country Law Assessments are published primarily for the benefit of those who make or influence legal reform policy in the countries in which the EBRD operates. It is hoped that they will also be of value to everyone interested in understanding commercial laws in the region and how they work.

Albania (2MB - PDF) Armenia (858KB - PDF)
Azerbaijan (310KB - PDF) Belarus (1MB - PDF)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (350KB - PDF) Bulgaria (299KB - PDF)
Croatia (2MB - PDF) Egypt* (1MB - PDF)
Estonia (778KB - PDF) FYR Macedonia (977KB - PDF)
Georgia (2MB - PDF) Hungary (392KB - PDF)
Jordan (1MB - PDF) Kazakhstan (298KB - PDF)
Kosovo (301KB - PDF) Kyrgyz Republic (398KB - PDF)
Latvia (244KB - PDF) Lithuania (2MB - PDF)
Moldova (311KB - PDF) Mongolia (769KB - PDF)
Montenegro (2MB - PDF) Morocco (1MB - PDF)
Poland (322KB - PDF) Romania (317KB - PDF)
Russia (1MB - PDF) Serbia (994KB - PDF)
Slovak Republic (925KB - PDF) Slovenia (293KB - PDF)
Tajikistan (288KB - PDF) Turkey (415KB - PDF)
Tunisia (2MB - PDF) Turkmenistan (301KB - PDF)
Ukraine (301KB - PDF) Uzbekistan (1MB - PDF)

*Potential recipient country


Last updated 6 August 2014

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