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What we do in Legal reform

The Legal Transition Programme (LTP) is the EBRD’s initiative to contribute to the improvement of the investment climate in the Bank’s countries of operations by helping create an investor-friendly, transparent and predictable legal environment. LTP activities focus on the development of legal rules and the establishment of the legal institutions and culture on which a vibrant market-oriented economy depends.

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Frequently asked questions: 
about the legal transition programme

Evaluation study of the EBRD's Legal Transition Programme published in 2012

This study is an evaluation of the Legal Transition Programme’s activities from 2001 – 2011, through a review of a sample of 30 legal reform projects and advisory projects in Armenia, Hungary, Mongolia, Russia and Serbia. It was conducted by the Evaluation department in conjunction with three external experts. Overall the programme was found to be successful due to its compatibility with the Bank’s activities and highly relevant due to its support of the Bank’s investments through contributions to legal improvements.  The programme’s projects have made a core contribution to the transition process, influencing domestic policy formulation and contributing to stronger free market economies. The transition impact and sustainability of the programme was found to be excellent. 

Interactive Dataset:

The most recent assessment data is now available in an interactive database where you will be able to generate graphs and charts on the countries and sectors you are interested in. These assessments are published primarily for the benefit of those who make or influence legal reform policy in the countries in which the EBRD operates.



Did you know?

In November 2013 the EBRD hosted a regional roundtable on judicial training in SEE

2012 Electronic Communications Sector Comparative Assessment

During 2012, as part of the Legal Transition Team’s programme of assessments, the EBRD undertook a second evaluation and comparative analysis of the electronic communications sector of 31 current and prospective countries of operation ("the 2012 assessment").

Electronic Communications Sector Assessment

Improving legal structures

Promoting sound and well-functioning legal systems minimises risk and assists the development of an attractive investment climate.

Legal reform


For each sector, the Legal Transition Programme engages in:

Contributing to international standard-setting initiatives.
Technical assistance
Developing and implementing technical assistance projects.
Assessment of laws and practice
Monitoring and analysing the status of legal transition.
Advancing legal reform through outreach activities.

Current LTT projects by region

Chart showing Legal reform projects by region


Publication: Law in transition

Legal reform is a core dimension of the EBRD's work. Legal reform activities focus on the development of the legal rules, institutions and culture on which a vibrant market-oriented economy depends. Published twice a year by the Legal Transition Programme, the twice-yearly Law in transition provides extensive coverage of legal developments in the region, and aims to stimulate debate on legal reform in the transition economies.

Law in transition 2014 
Enforcing court decisions: evolving law and practice

This new edition of the journal highlights the assessment work and technical assistance projects of the EBRD and other international organisations in this area.