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Current focus and key challenges

The worldwide financial crisis affected the Bank’s countries of operation as early as 2007, but the strongest effects became apparent in September 2008 as liquidity in the banking systems disappeared and bank lending to the real economy slowed dramatically. The financial sector crisis has had an impact on sector activity in every country of operations. Confidence in banks and banking systems has been affected. It has generated a dramatically different operating environment and has exposed shortcomings in financial systems worldwide including in the Bank’s countries of operation.

The EBRD is working with all stakeholders to respond to the crisis. The Bank is engaged with clients, the authorities in the countries of operations and other IFIs to identify issues and steps that should be taken and take action where appropriate.

As a result of the financial crisis, banks in the region are facing challenges of liquidity and asset quality. The EBRD is working closely with clients to provide targeted responses that address funding constraints and support the maintenance of lending programmes. The Bank is providing capital support in the form of equity, quasi-equity and subordinated debt. It has doubled the Trade Facilitation Programme and continues to provide MSME-focused credit lines in order to counter the problem of reduced risk-taking capacity in the market and provide finance to the real economy.

Last updated 26 April 2010

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