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Corporate energy efficiency

There are many opportunities for saving energy and other resources at almost any industrial company in the Banks’s countries of operations. The EBRD supports its clients in identifying these opportunities, turning them into economically viable projects, and developing long-term investment programmes for efficient use of energy and resources. This has helped many clients to optimise their risk profile and better manage their resources, whilst improving product quality and increasing profits.

The EBRD can provide a range of services, including: technical expertise from specialist process and energy experts; support in the introduction of advanced energy practices and techniques; and financial solutions tailored to match the characteristics of the client and the project.

The EBRD has developed a holistic approach to support sustainable energy investments:

Corporate clients that undertake sustainable energy investments with the EBRD come from many different sectors, ranging from manufacturing and services to agribusiness, transport and energy-intensive industries such as cement, pulp and paper and chemicals.

Last updated 23 May 2014

Energy Efficiency in hotels

Energy Efficiency in Egypt's hotels is of great importance as it helps reduce their energy costs, ease security of supply issues and promote the green tourism concept.

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Russian Railways heads to greater energy efficiency.