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Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI)

Under the SEI, we finance investments and provide technical assistance in five business areas:

We also work on policy dialogue, carbon market development and the development of new products, such as energy service companies (ESCOs). 

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Joint MDB reporting

In 2011, the EBRD together with other multilateral development banks (MDB) joined forces to develop a common methodology to track their financial flows dedicated to climate change. First reports containing mitigation and adaptation flows were published in 2012. The EBRD is currently coordinating the reporting activities amongst the different multilateral development banks.

Joint MDB Report on Climate Finance 2013 (993KB - PDF)

Joint MDB Report on Climate Finance 2012 (700KB - PDF)

Joint MDB Report on Mitigation Finance 2011 (473KB - PDF)

Joint MDB Report on Adaptation Finance 2011 (475KB - PDF)

Promoting greener business

Energy efficiency promotes competitiveness and energy security of economies and reduces carbon emissions.

Climate Finance

Key facts about the SEI (2006 - 2012)

Number of projects
Total project value
€62 billion
Expected CO2 emissions reductions from completed projects
56 million tonnes CO2 emissions reductions per year
SEI investment
€11 billion
Percentage of EBRD financing, 2012

Investments in climate change mitigation

Projects by region

Sub-sector breakdown

Case studies

Boosting energy efficient technology in Ukrainian industries

Lithuania closes the last reactor at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant

Implementing Energy Information Management Systems in Serbian railways

IEA policy recommendations for SEMED

The EBRD supported the International Energy Agency, League of Arab States, and Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency to the produce a report, Regional Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations, for the Arab and southern and eastern Mediterranean region. 

Full report - May 2014 (11MB - PDF)