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What we do in Agribusiness

Our involvement in the agribusiness sector spans all activities throughout the production chain, from farming, processing and trading to food distribution, packaging and retail. The Bank also plays a major role in developing the sector by supporting local and foreign corporate clients as well as micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

The EBRD offers various forms of financing, including tailored long-term loans, working capital loans, commodity finance, equity, guarantees and multi-project facilities. Each is individually designed to meet the changing needs of agribusiness clients across the region.

Our Technical Cooperation Funds Programme provides funding to improve the preparation and implementation of the EBRD’s investment projects and to provide advisory services to clients. It is funded by governments and international institutions and managed by the EBRD. Each year the programme provides about €80 million to finance a wide range of activities of consultants and other experts.

We also work in close co-operation with the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to support our clients via a joint Fund for Special Assistance. The fund can finance consultants for anything from a sub-sector study to hands-on consultancy for a specific project.

EBRD’s close cooperation with FAO and the World Bank helped found East Agri, a network of public and private agriculture/agribusiness institutions working in central and eastern Europe. East Agri members strive to build relationships, share experiences and strengthen communication in the sector and the region. Outcomes are more innovative approaches towards agricultural/agribusiness investments among international financial institutions and private banks operating in the region.

Our Agribusiness team has a unique mix of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals, including 27 banking specialists working with variety of clients, from multinational organisations to small local entrepreneurs. We have carried out over 300 projects worth around €4.5 billion spanning the whole of the agribusiness production chain and enjoy a successful track record.

Last updated 26 April 2010



Medium-Sized Projects Facility

The EBRD Mid-Sized Projects Facility (MPF) addresses the needs of mid-sized enterprises for fast approval of financing and simplified procedures. Technical Cooperation (TC) Funds may be available to cover part of the due diligence and legal costs.


Agribusiness Sustainable Investment Facility

Capital investments into energy efficient and environmentally sustainable operations can increase the resilience, profitability and ‘green credentials’ of your business.


Promoting food security

The serious price rises and volatility witnessed in food markets from 2007-08 and again in 2010-11 are not a short-term trend. The world needs to produce more food to feed a world population that is growing in size and calorific intake. This growing demand creates long-term investment opportunities, particularly in the EBRD region.