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Our focus areas

EBRD projects span many business sectors, from Agribusiness to Transport.


We provide project financing for the financial sector and the real economy, both new ventures and investments in existing companies. Our clients come from an array of different business sectors and our commitment to core principles of transparency and sustainability underscores all of our projects.

  • Agribusiness

    The EBRD is the single biggest investor in this sector in much of our region.

  • Climate Finance

    We are dedicated to projects that promote greener energy and energy efficiency.

  • Equity Funds

    We are the region's single largest investor in private equity funds.

  • Financial Institutions

    The EBRD promotes development of robust financial sectors.

  • Legal Reform

    Our programme creates investor-friendly, transparent legal environments.

  • Manufacturing and services

    Our work in this sector covers heavy/light industry and processing/production of goods.

  • Municipal Infrastructure

    We seek to improve municipal services in our countries of operations.

  • Natural Resources

    The Bank finances a range of natural resources industries.

  • Nuclear safety

    The EBRD assists in the safe treatment of waste and power plants.

  • Power and Energy

    We are the most active bank in the power sector in much of our region.

  • Property and Tourism

    The Bank is a key player in the property markets of eastern Europe.

  • ICT

    Our team supports information and communication technology projects.

  • Russian train


    The EBRD aims to build efficient, reliable and secure transport systems.

At a glance

  • In some sectors, such as Agribusiness, we're the region's biggest single investor
  • $358 million was invested in manufacturing in 2008
  • Promoting sustainable energy is a key strategic focus
  • We are a key contributor in regional nuclear safety enterprises