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Special Report on Climate Change: The Low Carbon Transition

The Low Carbon Transition – a special report on climate change mitigation in the countries from central Europe to central Asia – looks back at the determinants of emission reductions in the region over the past 20 years and analyses the policies and institutions necessary to make the transition to a low carbon future.

Date:06 April 2011
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Contents (1MB - PDF)
Map of carbon intensity of transition countries in 2008 (743KB - PDF)
Executive Summary (319KB - PDF)
Foreword (239KB - PDF)
Chapter 1: Energy use and the carbon performance of transition countries, 1990-2008 (773KB - PDF)
Chapter 2: The economic impacts of climate change mitigation policy (1MB - PDF)
Chapter 3: Effective policies to induce mitigation (951KB - PDF)
Chapter 4: Political economy of climate change policy in the transition region (947KB - PDF)
Acknowledgements, Abbreviations, Notes (239KB - PDF)


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