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Life in Transition Survey I

In 2007 the EBRD, in collaboration with the World Bank, carried out a survey of 29,000 individuals across 29 countries to assess public attitudes, well-being and the impact of economic and political change. This publication summarises some of the main results of this survey.

Author(s):EBRD; World Bank
Date:29 June 2011
Published: May 2007
Pages: 88
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What do Russians think about transition? (1MB - PDF)

Russian attitudes and aspirations (5MB - PDF)
The results of focus groups in nine Russian cities

Life in Transition Survey data (stata) (7MB - ZIP)

Life in Transition Survey data (csv) (6MB - ZIP)

Presentation slides  (521KB - PDF)

Life in Transition Survey (LITS) 2006: A brief report on observations, experiences and methodology from the survey (2MB - PDF)


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