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Diversifying Russia

Harnessing regional diversity

Russia, the largest economy where the EBRD operates, faces a very specific and difficult challenge – the task of diversifying its economy, ending its heavy reliance on exports of oil, gas and other minerals. This publication looks in detail at policies that can help to achieve economic diversification.

Date:13 December 2012
Pages: 96

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Preface, overview, acknowledgements (2MB - PDF)

Chapter 1: Diversification from a comparative perspective (3MB - PDF)

Chapter 2: How diversified is Russia? (4MB - PDF)

Chapter 3: Entry, exit and growth of firms (4MB - PDF)

Chapter 4: Improving the business environment in Russia’s regions (1MB - PDF)

Chapter 5: The management dimension (744KB - PDF)

Chapter 6: Skills and migration (905KB - PDF)

Chapter 7: Innovation in Russia (1MB - PDF)

Chapter 8: Financing innovation (717KB - PDF)


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